Apple, recruiting, or will be involved in integrating innovation in the field of medical science and technology

since may be named iWatch apple news wearable devices to later, we have also seen news pointed out that apple will invite to various medical professionals in the field of science and technology, most people have speculated that apple will be a good effort in the iWatch, stroke wearable application of new standards.

but recently apple and Nike close interaction is easy to guess for a long time the iWatch this year or will continue to be mysterious, apple, perhaps will be working with Nike intelligent bracelet with related functions.

of course, apple to do may not only make these.

according to the latest Reuters reported that apple, recruiting so can not only for may be named iWatch wearable devices, is more interested in the integration of medical science and technology innovation, a comprehensive health services platform, launched a series of health tracking, monitoring, analysis related functional applications.

according to Reuters, apple over the past few years has quietly formed the relevant team, hired many senior figures in the field of medical science and technology, most of the members of the considerable achievements in the field of medical sensing technology. Apple, induction and analysis on the development of the future such as various types of health data index of products, the team will be able to play a key role.

recently, health, medical and health related content into science and technology focus on the aspect of the company. Popular wearable used a little and how to encourage a healthy life elements; Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 also integrates many health related functions – samsung has reportedly plans at the end of the main health project activities.

according to the analysis of Reuters, always lead the industry of apple won’t miss the theme – apple health/medical science and technology all the way to recruit people don’t not underwhelming lot, with the specialization of noninvasive oxygen saturation monitoring technology Pulse Oximetry company Masimo Corp poaching over chief medical adviser Michael O ‘Reilly; There are Vital to track human life data before Connect the top of Ravi Narasimhan and so on.

although related rumours abound, but apple has not confirmed any public plan. So “desirable” whether health related functions, the equipment will be launched in this year is still a mystery.