Apple sales fell 16%, what is going on?

apple has just released the 2014 second quarter report, in addition to dazzling revenue and profit figures, a discordant figures provoke the media and public attention: the Q2 sales only 16.3 million units, compared with 19.5 million in the same period last year dropped by 16%, from Q1 is down 37%. Of course the sales and much lower than Wall Street analysts’ expectations.

this is…… The event? The finished?

don’t worry. First listen to what the cook said.

in earnings telephone communication meeting, cook a rare fighting spirits/done for the defense, emphasizes the high permeability: 95% of the tablet American education market, 98% of the fortune 500 companies using the device, occupied 46% market share in North America.

cook also do an explanation from the perspective of supply chain, is so much lower than the same period last year, because last year, 19.5 million of the sales of “water”, when apple channels to spread a lot of the mini. If the channel factors into consideration, Q2 this year the sales of only 3% lower than last year.

but even so, the growth is still unavoidable problem. Especially the iPhone sales continues to soar with the same period.

for tablet sales growth stalled, media offers a variety of explanations.

1, the update cycle is slow. At present there are still a large number of users using the original device. Even if the user bought the new device, also can give parents, relatives and friends continue to use the old model of the device.

driven and iPhone update operators, most of the iPhone is binding operator 24 months contract, basic guarantee due to upgrade.

the update cycle significantly lower than the iPhone, more similar to the PC and TV.

as cook points out, the popular, the penetration rate is extremely high. High permeability + at a low rate of new=stagnant growth. The PC industry in the past two years experience of old problems.

2, tablet is still a gap in the category. It makes the world a taste of the excellent experience, tablet near forcefully between mobile and PC/Mac cut out of the new category. This is a change of industry revolution, but its weakness is the tablet category though, but still did not gain a foothold. With smart phones become everyone to demand, but again it? There are many users shook his head (although this person is gradually decrease). A lot of people like tablet, but not everyone need tablet. This is the issue that needs to face the whole tablet industry.

3, the application of ecological experience is not equal to idea. Apple has the best tablet applied ecology, compared with apple nearly 20 square plate application, almost not ecological Android. However, the application of ecological and iPhone million army than not in the same level. A large number of fundamental must be applied only for iPhone no app, users either stand enlarged iPhone app on the slag pixels and bad experiences, or not.

apple launched last year the Air and Retina version of the mini is a great product, represents the miracle of contemporary consumer electronics. The device is still by far the most popular and the most notable products. But it is the enemy of its own. Further progress was too difficult.