Apple suspected is developing the desktop version of Siri

according to apple’s patent has been exposed, apple seems to be developing the PC version of Siri. Analysts pointed out that although there is no hard evidence, but this apple and tried to get through the iOS and Mac OS “strategy coincides with mine.

apple’s patent documents described: “run virtual voice assistant” in the desktop environment. It’s natural language reminiscent of the Mac version “Siri”. So far, it is not clear whether Siri will log in other desktop operating system.

and iOS version of the function the same, the so-called desktop Siri also should have the function such as speech recognition, the mouse and voice control. Users can in addition to the use of Siri’s voice commands function independently some ancillary operations, can also let the Siri to complete various tasks at the same time.

since WWDC iOS release, we see a fusion of apple. Apple and Microsoft, committed to achieving the iOS (mobile), and Mac OS (desktop) the interaction between them, rather than one). Apple’s goal is: in a closed apple system, building ecological across multiple terminal, in order to firmly lock users in the end.