Apple thinks have four every production 10 iPhone 6 is inferior product

the apple is strongly require suppliers to ramp up production capacity, go all out for the upcoming iPhone 6 prepared to shop goods. Sources said that because the iPhone 6 market full of confidence, and worry about larger screen iPhone roa, apple requests, and to realize partner before the end of December this year, 120 million iphones 6 finished product production.

it is important to note that reports, apple is expected before December 31, can be formally to market shop goods two iPhone 6 a total of 7000-80 million. 120 million and 8000, two thousand Numbers vary a lot, does this mean that the bigger the iPhone screen rate is only 60%?

however, the number of 7000-80 million, than last year the iPhone 5 s/5 c higher than that of 5000-60 million. It seems we can see, an apple for a larger screen of the iPhone 6 sales outlook is full of expectation.

previously reported that a new generation of the iPhone will be named for the iPhone 6, there are 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen size to choose two. In addition, analysts generally believe that, the 5.5 -inch iPhone 6 need more complex process, such as sapphire glass so will be released. What the outcome, let’s wait and see!