Apple to “blood transfusion”, longest-serving director, 31 years retired veterans

apple announced yesterday that the company’s longest serving members of the board of directors, 31 years of veterans for apple, Steve jobs of stalwart Bill kimbrell (Bill Campbell) is officially retired.

replace kimbrell is from the United States bond fund management company blackstone co-founder Sue l. Wagner. This person has profound investment acquisition domain expertise and background. Cook said: “Sue l. Wagner will help apple in the field of global fast attack (acquisition, investment), improve the ability of apple’s global business.”

kimbrell joined apple in 1983, the then vice President of apple market. In 1997, as Steve jobs return, kimbrell into apple’s board of directors. As for the apple 31 years, has always been loyal to jobs, deeply loves the company kimbrell, on the left, praise and gratitude for his former club. “I was lucky enough to witness the apple as the world’s top technology companies. Over the years, and jobs partner is a pleasant journey. Today’s apple, is in the best I’ve ever seen. I believe in the cook, apple will continue to working towards a brighter future.”

apple high-level personnel changes is not let people by surprise. After the cook had suggested that the company is actively want to inject fresh blood for the board of directors. At present, the average age of apple’s board of directors of more than 65 years old, more than half of the directors who has up to 10 years.