Apple wants to use smart watches the continuation of the myth, the six to skip the pit!

apple smart watches? Some would say hunting cloud network editor gentleman here again YY, but cook expressed his interest in “wrist device” is full of. This article is not only for apple, but also to those who attempt to or are struggling in hot water but the potential of practitioners in the field of smart watches.

without the Steve jobs of apple, if to launch a smart watches (iWatch), so it is with what to persuade people to buy the product?

first, iWatch first must be a piece of table.

watches sold on the market at present intelligence, was unable to convince consumers, because they have been out of the nature of the watch. Smart watches, after all is a blend of the computing power of a watch, it provides the user with unlimited use of space at the same time, the most fundamental thing is to keep a watch “simple, intuitive, and fashion, Volkswagen van”. If iWatch also only stay in geek circles, so the device will die.

currently able to occupy a place in the smart watches, are realized as a nature of “watch” one or several aspects. Pebble intuitive is concise, but the lack of design aesthetic feeling; Samsung Gear has a strong marketing and potential audience, but lack of contracted and fashionable feeling. Moto 360 is to let people shine at the moment, is that it combines “intuitive and beautiful”. With analysts, is a want to allow the user to put in the hands of the watch.

second, iWatch must be extremely personality customization.

if the first conditions stipulated the smart watch is practical, then the second condition is on the adornment sex of iWatch. Apple and other companies have to do is not only to persuade people to buy smart watches products, more important is to convince them for a long time and even has been wearing their products. Practicability of the function is on the other hand, as a watch adornment sex also nots allow to ignore.

while in hunting cloud network editor view, decorative for consumers, not just stay in the design of beauty and fashion. Core question is whether your product have customized function, whether can launch a variety of individual design elements.

in view of this, apple and other practitioners should from two aspects of hardware and software for custom processing. Allow users to download different watches the skin, seems to be a good idea, but for arbitrary apple should be very difficult. In replaceable strap, different size, different shape, etc., to launch a variety of styles, seems to meet the needs of more users. After reports that apple will launch two different sizes of iWatch.

third, iWatch is apple products “points” in the matrix.

smart watches wearable equipment industry, the development at the end of the contest or ecological integrity. This ecological both refer to the application developers, also refers to the ecological hardware products. About the application of ecological we will point mentioned below. What is the meaning of hardware ecology?

we all know that the Internet of things is the development trend of the future, for many of the networking equipment in the home, the user needs a unified operation of the instrument panel. Smart watches are not necessarily the instrument panel, but must play a “node”. IWatch can connect the iPhone, the device, and a variety of apple products. Not only that, users can also through the iWatch only to control the equipment.

in other words, iWatch to apple and other hardware products “bundling”, forming resultant force.

4, there is no trick, can’t open the user’s purse.

don’t want to word for killer app, but for any has not yet mature market, develop habit of users use unusually important. How to cultivate the user use habits? Answer: need some dedicated to the application of smart watches. If iWatch is only the iOS translation to 2 inches of the screen, then this is undoubtedly the most foolish idea.

for different usage scenarios and mobile phones, apple to encourage developers to provide users with new applications. Overlap with and mobile phone usage scenarios, apple is mandatory to optimize the mobile application developers. Anyway, need to cook for the user to tell a “smart watches not, must belong to apple makes” story.

5, will not solve the problem of life, iWatch also is a “hole”.

life has become a smart phone, and wearable equipment development bottleneck problem. Before the advent of a new generation of battery technology did not, the current OEM common to think of is how to reduce the power consumption of mobile products. But this is just take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure to painkillers. As a more portable miniaturization of the arrival of the wave of wearable devices, how to improve the unit on battery power, improve the efficiency of the battery release power, to reduce the entropy of the energy transfer, has become the top priority.

compared with “painkillers”, can we expect more apple launched a new generation of battery optimization techniques.

6, more than less, not into no less, the real art is invisible.

to a requires the user to wear for a long time in the body of wearable devices, “tangible to intangible” is the highest realm. This is like the first time by glasses. For myopia, glasses are indispensable consumer goods. But just started to supplement very uncomfortable. But with the passage of time, the consumers perceive the existence of the eyes gradually. In addition, wear glasses of people also believe that wearing glasses is a very normal, can’t live without regular activities.

iWatch products such as the success of the same way. Only when the need to remind users, allows users to operate, rather than to control the user’s daily life. This is the user as a god.

pictured above is derived from the network, is iWatch concept map