Apple wearable devices will have a special story with you – not only in the data

so far, in the related wearable equipment rapid survey, an obvious result, it is in this industry does not have any born a winner.

now the market is flooded with a variety of rich sensing bracelet – and they both have a very lovely name as well as the fashion design. We already have the Fitbits bracelet, Misfits intelligent buttons, Fuelband sport watches and bands of the Up movement wrist watch – this is, of course, only one of the only a few. A variety of apparel items selection is overwhelming, but sensing technology in the application of wearable products give a person with undeniably impressive.

it’s time to face up to such a thing, that is everyone with a gleaming pedometer, exact, but we didn’t get more “suitable”.

these days we collected through fitness bring receipts compared with several decades before get, did not appear more interesting place, since the 80 s, the invention of the pedometer and heart rate monitor is widely used, can boast skillful in technology is also changed beyond belief.

therefore, if the status quo can not be change, need to take how technology is that it reached a turning point of the tipping point? When our parents because they “like” high level update and we talk about the use of the same embarrassing wearable products?

this is a story of a rich.

who collect data to help our awareness of a truth, sensor technology has a unique and can not buy value.

nowadays most abundant around us consumer goods of the popular application of sensor technology is a camera. Extremely rich camera has a strong ability to tell stories, and photo sharing function on Facebook, sets, and the rise of Snapchat is successfully proved that. Camera basically can be interpreted as a popular precision can capture data metering device, can capture light before camera lens, and the ability to convert it into immediately anyone can read the story.

but now can tell us what the pedometer or rhythm of the heart? You get from a single photograph of a “story” is already a relatively long epic mode. And that is the problem. When the sensor development, pedometer may turn out to be an interesting “barometer”. Although these sensors have been integrated in the collating of applied to the intelligent mobile phone for many years, but they need a able to resonate in the field of visual function to a more comprehensive implementation of their true value.

the apple is worth looking forward to

recently, a person may be tempted exposes the company is the development of health application Healthbook the latest information, can be seen in the screenshot of the app follows the basic “quantified – self” statistical data, with movement step, calories, heart rate and sleep tracking, and other functions.

these pictures of public strong and clear suggested that apple’s research in wearable devices. Combination of news and Google recently released android wearable initiative, basically be sure apple will release a rich sensor application based wearable wrist watch. But I think there are more based on Tim cook in D11 meeting last year put forward the opinion of the situation needs attention:

“nowadays have many applications,” Tim cook said, “for I see now, I have to say that one thing you can do many things, nothing can be proud of… We need to convince people they need to wear something incredible. If we ask a room 20 years old children, they have to wear a watch, I think no one will come out.”

class field dressing has a long way to go, the company will focus on it. Apple has always show that they don’t have to do on the market the first winner of a particular field, but they are happy to be in this big invest their time and energy on the stage.

when wearable devices are no longer just has the ability to collect your health data, if can begin to tell you how to make you more rich to live, to create a more wonderful life, then you should expect the pace of the apple into the market. Before that, I bet Healthbook would like Passbook, confined to his appearance, it has a very powerful.

as Passbook, Healthbook probably nothing more than as a database for partners to provide data transmission services. Thus rumors of a wearable device just to distract you.