Apple will allow third party OEM production for its use of lightning interface headphones

according to, the apple is planning to obtain MFi certification of third party vendors, for their production use lightning interface connected to the apple device headphones, instead of using the usual 3.5 mm headphone jack. Analysts believe that use lightning interface of headset, will bring many, many special for apple “benefits”.

the news from 9 To 5 MAC, no after the scoop the iOS 8 will add health monitoring application platform HeathKit (HealthBook).

it is understood that the use of lightning interface of apple headphones, will provide 48 KHZ nondestructive digital audio input and output. In addition, the report also for these new apple headphones divergent guess “special function”.

apple will allow OEM on the headset button to “customize” the application function. Using such as volume, and lower adjustment key, to “remote” control related applications.

these headphones also can be used as auxiliary charging peripherals, when necessary, play music, while charging for iPhone, etc.

more bold guess, this headset may be used with HealthKit, track as a health and wearable devices.

in the end, the author thinks that Beats of apple previously acquired will become the so-called lightning interface headset first producer.