Apple will push the new Lightening cable, USB port also positive and negative can be inserted

as the iPhone 6 release date nears, related forecast report, photos is also emerge in endlessly. This two days have a spy, points out that apple are likely to follow in the iPhone 6 at the same time to launch a new, Lightening cable is not only by the iOS device pin can be inserted, even support double can insert the USB port – this would mean that after the use of Lightening the wires are no more pains to identify positive and negative.

related photos have claims from apple contract of foxconn, a report from the iOS device a marketer of Sonny Dickson, these photos have also let double-sided pluggable version of Lightening the launch of the data line more credible.

recently, USB – IF users BBS technical scheme about USB 3.0, was first put forward in order to solve the inconvenience of USB port access. And apple is in his own way to optimize the USB access experience – in accordance with the current news, double-sided pluggable principle of USB interface should and Lightening – iOS device interface implementation principle is the same. Although there is still no information, but some of us are bold speculation, new Lightening cable will be compatible with the USB 3.0 standard.

according to the industry, the new is likely to launch over the same period of iPhone6 Lightening the wires, and prior to that, back in June, and the other a piece of news about Lightening data line. According to a report by the 9 to5mac, apple began to open to manufacturers of MFi earphone interface standard, allow the headset by Lightening cable to access the iOS device. With the further improvement of Lightening the wires, MFi interface standards or combine to further Lightening cable. At the same time, there are news pointed out that apple also intends to launch a new Beats headphones.