Apple’s new advertising Better, cook’s mission statement

apple just released a new video ads, apple CEO cook for advertising dubbing, as apple people describe the vision to the world. At first glance this is called the better advertising propaganda apple is committed to environmental protection, for a better world. But further discover you will find that this period of advertising is more like a cook’s Mission Statement (Mission Statement).

in October 2011, after the death of jobs, people have been wondering, cook will become what kind of company under the leadership of apple? Now this occupy the apple website home page ads give a definite answer. Listen to what the cook says:

Don’t understand English students can see apple’s official website the Chinese subtitles version:.

although said in the environment, but cook express vision is clear. Apple as a company committed to innovation, is still in their own products to create a better living environment for mankind. Like the iPhone has facilitated ten million people.

this AD belongs to cook’s version of “The Crazy Ones”, jobs’ return to apple in 1997, using The hail to The human history The great short film to promote their own style, is also your voice all The way, is also a vision statement:

Steve jobs said: Crazy ones and change the world.

cooke said: To make it… Better. It ‘s in our DNA.

different expression, the apple of socialist construction.