Apple’s new patent: the future iPhone will no audio holes

believe that all users with jack on the phone, the first reaction will be bore headphones, audio and USB interface. And recently released by the U.S. patent and trademark office, a data show that apple for a content to remove audio hole after the iPhone still can continue to work normally technology patents.

Apple’s new patent exposure in the future iPhone will no audio hole

shown the patent documents, according to the technology can make the iPhone a high degree of surround sound. Before that, apple has released some headphones MFi specifications from the wires, it also said that the future of the iPhone will also may remove the headphone jack.

believe many users are still hard to imagine that there is no audio holes and headphone jack iPhone will be presented with what kind of modelling, and apple says the next iPhone will not only remove the two holes, at the same time will do more pliable fuselage, and will make a reliable waterproof equipment. Exactly what this iPhone is like in the future, we are really looking forward to, and waiting for its amazing appearance.

Source: the zhongguancun online