Apple’s new patents: head-mounted displays

early rumours that apple is developing their own virtual reality glasses. Now we have evidence that apple has recently applied for a patent on the head-mounted display, and has set up earlier this month to get the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) for approval.

apple develop the head-mounted display looks somewhat like Oculus Rift headphones, has a square shape, looks very sexy, and a bit like a ski goggles. But, unlike Oculus company headphones, apple’s head display connect with consumer electronics devices (such as the iPod).

this helmet display can through wired and wireless Internet connection (wi-fi) support, it will be able to connect to the Apple TV, and adapt to the standard video and 3 d. Apple said in the patent document, when people go out to watch the media, such as “personal” display may be particularly useful.

“it is necessary to establish a personal display system, through which users can secretly check the electronic equipment on the media.” The patent document said. This kind of helmet mounted display with privacy and sexual double benefits. When using this kind of helmet mounted display, makes you feel like you’re watching another world, rather than watching a video screen.

although the patent document describes the wearing a display of some of the details, but also left a variety of design possibilities, including bending or flat front, customized coverage and building materials, including glass, plastic, metal and elastic element, they may allow the wearer will display close to on the face.

the apple of the patent document did not specifically mention the screen resolution, but offers an analogy: “the eyes of users and display the distance between the generated components, as well as the image resolution, are equivalent to the cinema to watch the media, for example from 5 meters to watch a big screen.”

however, apple’s patent file which doesn’t seem to have mentioned it USES sensor technology to identify the head position and movement. The patent document also never mention of gyroscope and accelerometer, and both are present in the Oculus Rift virtual reality head-mounted device. The Oculus Rift has been Facebook acquisition, its product greatly improved the quality the immersion of virtual reality.

the apple applied for the patent at the end of last year, up to now have not release any information concerning the head-mounted display project. However, Facebook is currently investing heavily in the Oculus VR, we can expect, apple will also head wearing a display on the priority projects. (Tan Si)

source: tencent technology