Apple’s patent infringement: samsung samsung was sentenced to compensation of $120 million

apple and samsung in the United States district court in SAN jose California a patent infringement lawsuit on Friday to make a ruling. The jury’s verdict, samsung violated apple’s patents, should be to apple compensation of $119.6 million. Although apple won, but the compensation is far lower than apple for $2.2 billion.

In the past few weeks to testify and after three days of deliberation, the jury composed of eight people make a decision, ask samsung to apple compensation of $119625000. The jury President, a former IBM executives read the conclusion of the jury.

the jury found that samsung all equipment in violation of apple “647” patent data detection, but samsung about “959” universal search and “414” background synchronization technology patent’s defense was successful. And about “721” sliding unlock patent, the opinions of the jury is differ, only part of the samsung device is considered to infringe the patent.

this is an apple in the state of California to samsung launched the second important patent infringement lawsuit. In the case, apple accused samsung in its five patents. The patent covers the sliding unlock, universal search and data detection technology. Apple for total $2.19 billion in damages and licensing fees, the samsung thinks the figure “exaggerated” the value of the patent.

samsung then apple a counterclaim, and lists the company held by the five patents. Eventually, however, only two of the patent infringement litigation has entered the phase of trial. Samsung for less than $7 million in damages.

due to the ruling does not conform to the expectations of the two companies, apple and samsung is likely to appeal against the verdict, respectively. (d)


source: sina science and technology