As a social network Google + can go to dead, Google + as identity platform must survive

today Google senior vice President (SVP), Google +, Vic Gundotra announced formally from Google on departure. Rumors social networking Secret has been kept before Vic has accept other company job interviews.

Vic joined Google in 2007, has been the dominant Google, early transition from PC to mobile led many Google mobile application development. However, in recent years, he is responsible for the core project is Google +, the outside world to be known as the “father” of Google +. His departure, no doubt, Google + development were related.

in the introduction to departure, Vic about Google +, said if there is no page’s support, the project will not grow in all kinds of criticism to the appearance of today. Page was there, and praised the Vic for so many years of contributions, “Vic built Google + from nothing”. But then someone teasing: Vic built Google + from nothing, and for nothing.

although the kind, but everyone knows that, without the Google + Vic Gundotra inevitably toward different directions. Google + may in the short term, they will not die, but likely were dead. (Google + is not dying, but likely walking dead).

Google +, the most hated Google products

unceremoniously, said Google + is in the past few years Google launched the “most hated” and “attracted most questions” products. A large number of loyal users of Google hate Google + because Google is strong and tough promotion methods, the reason why many people believe that Google Reader end is to give way to Google + (really) part. In order to strengthen the Google +, Google also killed Google talk to integrate into the Hangouts, kill the image application of independent Picasa integrated into Google +. Forced to promote Google + to YouTube, etc.

about Google + users in all kinds of Internet BBS produce intense emotional confrontation, which usually occurs between “meal”, valley powder inside an unprecedented split over the past three years, the cause is that the because the strong promotion of Google + and appear more and more strange, eat more and more ugly Google.

although Google laid out so ugly eat, but that did not let Google + in the true sense of success. Although the official announced the 500 million active users, but the “desert” Google + is social rumors, some of the third party has never been found activity in Google +. More importantly, as with Facebook’s social network, it can never shake Facebook status exists in any sense. Vic’s departure, can be regarded as a perfect results of direct feedback of Facebook to released.

TechCrunch today, a little strip away the Vic Gundotra departure of the truth.

Google + is not only to the user tough heartless, to internal. Vic for the Google + is incorporated in the Google is the product of more and more, and this kind of fusion to a lot of resistance. The fusion of Google + account system on YouTube did not went well.

don’t put the user experience in the first place, but its will force imposed on other products. Vic and the Google + team within Google triggered more and more internal conflict. This is the most important reason for his departure.

Google + team is now up to 1000 people by 1200. With Vic departure at the same time, Google + personnel office address is adjusted. According to fact, originally belonging to the Google + team Hangouts personnel office will move to Android department, the Photos will then move. Both products will further out of Google +, embodying the Android platform.

Google inside take Gundotra temporarily in charge of Google + is David Besbris, but not Gundotra was deputy. We heard the news said Besbris is responsible for Chrome. It is unclear to Android/Chrome leader after he is Sundar Pichai. If it is true, the Google + team basic has been scattered. Google internal whistleblowing man said: “it’s a long story” on the matter.

the other two is rumor is contradictory. Some people say Gundotra departure associated with Facebook acquisition WhatsApp, because “Google missed mobile social opportunity”. Others do not agree with this view, the claim that Google had never considered WhatsApp pay so much money and Facebook competition.

what is Google +, as well as its mission

Google + ‘s mission is and has always been making every Google users a “unique identity” of “the logged in user. To Google can more easily identify each person’s identity, to gather more and more personalized information, provide abundant individualized information service for Google Now (for example), distribution of more and more accurate advertising.

once upon a time, when we use Google search, there is no login habits, Google can only according to our IP addresses and Cookies discriminant identity, etc. Now we in order to benefit Google cloud services across devices, more and more tend to login on various Google services and equipment using the Google account. Our search history, location information, web browsing history, bookmarks, email, application to buy records, contacts, flight information, hobbies… All with a unique identity (identify). If it were not for the progress, Google is difficult to keep the world’s first generation of advertising companies.

since Google + is the nature of communication/across Google a lot of product identification “layer”, that can contact circle to circle, share text, images, “social networking” dispensable, actually.

in the long run, the problem of Google + is by no means the social network product itself, but Google + identity system and the Google services experience.

Google + social network can go to dead, but the Google + platform must survive. Google will continue to promote the integration of product experience, this is our users have to accept the “evil”.

(note: this article discussed does not involve those who cannot use or not use Google service of the vast majority of Chinese users.)