Asia’s richest man, focus on project! Li ka-shing, tens of millions of dollars investment “3 d printing meat”

the investment of hk $180 million to build JustMayo “artificial eggs”, li ka-shing vision again will lock in the high-tech sector. Tycoon li ka-shing, the investment every investment action, have been interpreted as the industry.

recently, li ka-shing’s venture capital firm harbour investment Horizons Ventures led to one of America’s 3 d printing company Modern Meadow made $10 million in A round of investment, the fur cultivating and used in laboratory research of 3 d printing meat.

and a investment banker told a reporter, li ka-shing, the investment that was popular 3 d printing persistent fever, favored by the capital market, the related industry company is remarkable.

vessels in fresh meat

the data shows, Modern Meadow companies can produce livestock meat and hides in the laboratory. This is the biological manufacturing a biological tissue engineering technology, the tray in the laboratory, produce leather from the skin cells. The company is also developing the creature made of meat, fish and poultry. The company expects in the prototype stage, to be able to print out 2 cm * 1 cm * 0.5 mm square piece of meat.

it is understood that Modern Meadow located in brooklyn, New York, to focus on the animal fur material research and development of the cell and tissue culture, and at the same time engaged in 3 d printing, fish, chicken, pork and so on research of eating meat.

however, such a research front of biotechnology company, Modern Meadow only ten employees, and with the help of an investment the investment, they will speed up the research process, the expansion of employees and looking for a new office in brooklyn headquarters. In accordance with the existing research results, they used 3 d printing to print each cells into training organization, and a few weeks in the culture dish, a complete mature fresh meat.

Modern Meadow this project for commercial development, mainly considering the people a lot of animal fur and meat consumption, and the resulting cruelty to animals, the problem of species extinction. And biological cultivation and 3 d printing production fur and meat, is the method of no pollution, no damage.

Modern Meadow company was open to the media, said the company store and used to “brew” leather and pig meat cells is obtained from small biopsy, it won’t hurt, hurt or kill animals. The future biological print meat not only can satisfy the human demand for animal protein, is also good for the environment at the same time.

search yong-hui feng pigs chief analyst, said during an interview with southern daily 3 d printing field of meat is a very frontier, for promotion meat consumption and environmental protection has a big role. But he also said, 3 d printing in meat quality level can achieve natural meat remains to be seen. “In the future can have 1% of the market, that is very good.”

3 d printing boom continuous fermentation

recently, news about 3 d printing industry emerge in endlessly, 3 d printing boom continuous fermentation.

just a few days ago, the ministry sources revealed to the media, the national increase material manufacturing development promotion project “has been completed, will be issued during the year.

the national goals include: the development of 3 d printing to 2017 preliminary building material manufacturing technology innovation system, cultivating five to 10 annual output value of more than 500 million yuan, has strong research and development and the application ability of material manufacturing enterprises, and across the country formed a batch of research and development and industrialization demonstration base and so on.

in addition, on the policies and measures, the state will strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen the financial support, and support for 3 d printing enterprises, domestic and overseas listing, issuing non-financial corporate debt financing tool. A investment banker told a reporter, li ka-shing, the investment that was popular 3 d printing persistent fever, attract the capital market. He said, is worth to pay close attention to the related industry company. Southern daily reporter Daisy