Associate V5.0 qualitative change: in cluster, do mobile SNS

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alibaba today announced the new version V5.0, “heavy social since this version, and from its development focus on the cluster, mobile social interest centered development. “We expect every user can participate in the fun, through cluster found to interesting people.” 4 on 16 day, in between V5.0 version online communication meeting, associate head of Zou Mengrui said. New facelift of increasingly clear strategic positioning, change the original acquaintance social patterns, reshape the diversified social graph. Open mobile SNS , for the majority of users to create “social interest” platform.
V5.0, qualitative change of the nodes to

in the era of mobile Internet, version 5.0 is a magic number.

micro letter in 5.0 when the fruits of harvest swept the qr code user habit, shows ambition of mobile payment, jianghu bracing scan, sweep the world . From birth, is shouldering the giant ali’s social ambitions, is regarded as ali challenge WeChat big move, however, often with micro letter why real challenge micro letter question. The good news is that, from the V5.0 began, and finally get rid of the impression the face is not clear, like from mediocre font logo with a fresh lemon, it found his own soul: social interest centered. And should no longer be seen as a challenger, micro letter but mobile social new.
cluster is going back and forth, with the center of interest in social

high-profile was born six months ago, all sorts of function are not lack, text chat, voice messages, burn after reading… Function is rich, but what is not clear. What is belong to the real characteristic and soul? Product as a result of the emergence of soul comes from products to consider. Cluster of hot even for product manager’s expectations, associate director Zou Mengrui acknowledged that cluster red “is not in the expected”.

together, is that on the tuyere. Interactions between the micro letter meet acquaintances, almost replaced the user’s phone directory, and mobile phone, based on the “good” – a social common interests, addiction is relatively gap.

based on the social interest in PC form formed a rich variety of products on the Internet. Internet first appeared, all sorts of chat room based on interest are booming, then BBS, QQ group, baidu post bar, watercress group even YY voice language lab… We every corner in the Internet chat with friends extensively blow water, from strange to get to know each other, from online to offline…

six months, cluster has brought a lot of surprise.

“associate with micro letter, why play?” , the user replied “because fun than micro letter, cluster.” After the cluster began to hot, and the official found himself is facing a blank market, rich good social pattern on PC, is a blank in the mobile Internet.

so V5.0, cluster become assume that either core functionality.

push the new 5.0 cluster, heap of principal services

since 5.0 the new user registration will start to guide, promote cluster functions:

open applications, beneath the cluster occupies the centre position.
Cluster square will recommend hot cluster, and based on user preferences for recommendation:

cluster is popular, is the convenient mobile experience, short text, voice, video and other rich media forms, as well as the most important “interesting, fun” :

the official constantly provide new capabilities to meet the needs of users, voting, and other functions are online. On April 16, ali invite lots of cluster reactor and team communication, direct understanding of the needs of the owners, evolutionary ideas for the product.

second day, going back and forth to make mobile SNS overlord

throughout the history of the Internet, winner-take-all is a common rule, the industry’s second-largest embarrassing hardly.

a lot of people said can’t see the boundary of the micro letter, seems to mobile social this piece has has been occupied. Associate director Zou Mengrui jokes “Microsoft peak, a lot of people also said that Microsoft did not border, later had Google; Later, Google looks no boundary, Facebook rise “…

focus on micro letter IM between acquaintances, he didn’t need to also impossible to get a good social, because it is not in conformity with the micro the tone of the letter. IM and mobile could not only acquaintances, it contains a variety of user requirements. To train a new road.

relations is the core of the SNS, because users interested in cluster, familiar in the cluster, by knocking at the door to add friends, into the burn after reading type chat, after with the augmentation of the familiarity have deeper communication needs.

IM born due to social, for social existence, and social integration. This is ali’s way of thinking.

do there is no future for the second acquaintance social. And turned to focus on mobile SNS, the new heaven and earth is suddenly enlightened.