Modern Approaches And Advantages Of Using Networks For Businesses

In Texas, a computer network design must accommodate all workers and provide reliability, accessibility, and function at all times. Business owners may tap into unknown opportunities when comparing the benefits of using a network to staying disconnected. A local vendor could provide a more modern approach to computer networking for business for the company owners.

Affordable Sharing Resources

Sharing hardware through an effective network design lowers costs for the company. The workers can share servers and peripherals through network connections. With the design, the business won’t have to purchase additional servers and printers. The printers are shared and accommodate a small group of workers. The wireless connections reduce the total number of cables running between the workstations and the peripherals as well. Overall, the design is safer and decrease the potential for personal injuries.

Maximizing Storage Capacity

By using a company network, each workstation is connected to the network. With each connection, the company obtains an increase in storage capacity. The combined storage capacity of each workstation and the company servers could provide adequate storage space for the entire company. A connection between all workstations to the network makes it easier to share specific files without the need to save more than one copy of each file.

Cross-Platform Opportunities for Everyone

Company networks won’t restrict workers to one specific operating system or device type. A cross-platform design allows the workers to choose their preferred operating systems. It is also possible for the workers to connect via tablets, laptops, and smartphones. For employees that travel or telecommute, the cross-platform concept provides them with the freedom they want.

Flexible Technology Opportunities

The modern approach to technology provides flexibility for workers. With the right connection, the employee could enter business notes from meetings into a document on a tablet. Next, they can connect to their laptop and organize the notes into a document. Once the document is saved on the server, all workers have access to it.

In Texas, networks lower overhead costs and make data more accessible for businesses. File sharing, storage, and security are vital parts of the network. With the right design, all the company’s objectives are met. Business owners who want to learn more about business-based networks contact a vendor now.

Perfect world management changes: ZhuQi as chief strategy officer of products

perfect world today officially appointed new structure adjustment and management, set up its new strategic products division, media group and global center of the ARC and operational support respectively by ZhuQi, yun-fan zhang and Huang Zhengrong served as general manager, reporting to the CEO Xiao Hong.

the ZhuQi products was also appointed head office Chief strategy Officer devoted to Strategic Product Officer, CSPO), as a Strategic products division general manager at the same time, promote the next generation Internet entertainment products and platform to explore.

yun-fan zhang for the head office, senior vice President (SVP), the media group general manager, fully responsible for the perfect its various media integration and extension.

internal announcement content is as follows:

dear classmates of a perfect world,

in order to adapt to the rapid change of market and ahead of the game, and further locate the core of the company’s future development direction, now part of global organization and management to make the following adjustments accordingly, take effect on September 1, 2014:

set up Strategic products division, appointed ZhuQi corporation Chief strategy Officer of products (devoted to Strategic Product Officer, CSPO), Strategic products division general manager, to promote the next generation Internet entertainment products and platform to explore. ZhuQi continue to report to the CEO.

appointed Li Haiyi corporation, senior vice President (SVP), the mainland area, general manager of operations, China will be entirely responsible for PC swam/pages, and other products. In China all PC products, marketing, sales, customer service team, reporting to Li Haiyi, etc. The Dota2 project because of its strategic position, the dotted line reporting to the CEO at the same time. Li Haiyi reports directly to the CEO.

appointed Wei Cheng corporation, senior vice President (SVP), the entities operating, the general manager will be entirely responsible for east Asian countries/regions (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Macao, southeast Asia) PC product operations and the development/partner support in Taiwan, and cooperate with the headquarters mobile game operations center to explore the mobile game entities operating mode. East Asian countries/regions of operations team report to Wei Cheng. Wei Cheng reports directly to the CEO.

established media group, appointed yun-fan zhang head office, senior vice President (SVP), the media group general manager, fully responsible for the perfect its various media integration and extension. Yun-fan zhang reports directly to the CEO. Mobile game operations center jointly by Xu Yiran and yun-fan zhang of joint managing director, continue to intensify efforts to expand the current perfect in areas of outstanding achievements. Xu Yiran continue as chief business development officer (CBO), the leading global BD and investment team, and continue to report to the CEO.

appointed sanguosha aggregates company senior vice President (SVP), continue to be responsible for the company brand and the center for strategic resources, and in its retail and brand licensing department, focus group resources, comprehensively promote the game experience of the construction of the network and the retail channel, explore new areas of comprehensive entertainment services. Sanguosha aggregates continue to report to the CEO.

create a ARC and global operations support center, by the head office Huang Zhengrong served as senior vice President, general manager of the center, overall responsibility for global ARC platform and operational services. The ARC existing product/technology around the world, IT/network security, unified report to Huang Zhengrong operations team. Huang Zhengrong reports directly to the CEO.

let’s fully support the above the classmate of everyone, make greater achievements in the new field.

the CEO Xiao Hong

Letv car networking officially open, sohu, a former deputy editor-in-chief sunmoonstar join ceos

in the layout of the film and TV, smart TV and agricultural electricity, Letv conveniently put into the car and networking fields. Earlier this month, Letv had cooperate with baic. Another signal is in the near future, depending on the action and baic jointly invested in the United States a high-tech design of pure electric vehicle company Atieva.

today, Letv official confirmation sohu, a former deputy editor-in-chief, auto join Letv sunmoonstar division general manager, he will become Letv car networking Letv holding vice President and CEO, the leading car networking project, and report to Jia Yueting directly. This means that regard to officially declare into car networking field.

join joy before, sunmoonstar joining sohu net, in December 2002 in auto channel editor position for three years. From 2009 to 2014, sunmoonstar promoted sohu auto division general manager, sohu net, deputy chief editor. In 12 years of sohu sunmoonstar offline sales channels, information in the automobile industry marketing and even car brands have long experience on relationship management.

according to the current information, depending on the music is not as rumors say making cars, the more likely to be its own platform and content in automobile products.

for car networking development process, the technology was not decided and restricting factors, more important challenge for the industry in a chaotic state, the market prospect is unknown, don’t know the game, did not establish the rules of the game. Although ali, tencent and other giants are also involved, but the particularity of new markets for Letv also means great opportunities.

Denny smart car, let you fall in love with bike travel

a to the rider of guidance, and equipped with smartphones tactile feedback function, 3 d printing titanium alloy handlebar. A pedal-powered “Snowpiercer (snow) the train”. A like James Bond’s ejection seat disc spring loaded place other people. These are just the bicycle design competition in Oregon (recent) present in the part of the creative concept.

this competition from five cities in the United States design firms and bicycle manufacturers matching combination, and ask them through the four common problems, making cities more attractive by bike: bicycle theft, rugged muddy roads, traffic navigation, and the transport of goods, either a laptop bag or a week’s groceries.

the winning design product, Denny, is by the design company Teague Taylor Sizemore joint design with bicycle manufacturers, the findings of this cooperation project proposed some low-key, but incredibly ingenious conception.

Lock the game

in the game, most of the participants in order to comply with security requirements, designed a typical holster U lock. And Teague and Sizemore invented a handlebar, it can be taken apart, parking, just the break out of the car can be like ordinary lock lock for it.

“for designers for bicycle lock seems to be a perpetual challenge: where is the lock should be installed, it should be size and volume, if it can ensure the wheel frame, it should be how to guard against theft, how it should be placed? “Project director Oliver, Mueller said. The solution is “I think we want it to fully integrated into the framework, so you never need to think about those questions.”

in addition to imitate the traditional u-shaped lock function, this design also ACTS as a virtual deterrent effect, huge vehicle makes the thief to ask where is the handlebars. So the thief wouldn’t risk the risk of being caught stealing a bicycle without handlebars cannot hit the road.

rain, go away

Teague and Sizemore also radically reconsider the mudguard. Denny did not like the traditional on the rear wheels of ordinary bicycle fender installation, but with a small rubber brush instead. It can be in when the rotation of the wheels to stain, it is an elegant and efficient choice.

Giant jet technology mountain bike

is famous for its design jumbo jet Teague, it will be advanced technology, such as electronic auxiliary motor and a smart battery management tools used in the design. As a result, designers to Denny is equipped with an electric motor, which makes it can cope with the complicated terrain, such as hills. Motor can also be in some cases, for the rider to increase the power, easy to complete its steep slope and muddy road. In addition, batteries hidden in the frame of the bicycle, and provide power to assist in the direction of light, when the driver to arrive can charge.

in addition to these eye-catching technology innovation, Denny the rigorous design inspiration mainly affected by Sizemore manufacturing bicycle for many years. A set of automatic gear shifting device can make the cyclist effortlessly drive on the winding road. R plate in comparison is more close to the ground, which reduces the bike’s centre of gravity. R plate bracket is integrated into the framework of bicycle, which means that it doesn’t as front wheel swing, so to avoid the leak of the goods. In front of the bike rung is very low, it makes the lady in the skirt when to get off to much easier and more convenient.

all in all, the improvement of these techniques is to the mode of bicycle commuting increased confidence on the fence. “Our goal is to design a bike, a car let them have confidence and trust, can one make them active it as transportation bicycle.”

Denny may not use 3 d printing of titanium alloy to make, but don’t expect it will be sold at a lower price. Despite the appearance of the bike is simple, but it is equipped with electronic auxiliary function, increase the cost of it and the technical complexity. “If the confidence as competitors for the car, we are also tried to break through a confident car function and role,” Mueller said. In addition, Denny’s fender is simulated, and relatively low cost products, so it has the potential to be aftermarket accessories.

Denny will be put into production by Fuji auto maker, its price or detailed information will be released in the spring of 2015 and the market sales.


Is the art of electronic easy capacity Omote technology

Widely used can be traced back to a long time ago, from the early years in the Star Wars films on the screen to simulate the add, add binks, to now are popular in the song of ice and fire simulate the city of king’s landing on the green screen. Now, it is time for this applies only on video technology play a prominent role in broader areas. With the designers and technical director of double identity Nobumichi Asai developed a projection technique, called Omote can be simulated mapping in living model face makeup look.

at first, the model, please first from the most basic daily makeup look to show, then, start to model dress up drama stage, T stage shows the makeup look. OK, I think, this is a very casual makeup application, can be used to give a headshot, since the late photos plus makeup effect. I later discovered, however, with the moving of the model face, changes in the makeup look as technology set a precise change accordingly. I realized the expression ‘electronic makeup look, too underestimate this technology.

Asai did not disclose the technical details of this technology, but as SlashGear company, points out, Omote technology seems to be some sort of what was originally used for mapping technology to capture real-time facial movement, at the same time, accurate to the makeup design of each different projection on a different face. Asai isn’t the first use of CGI, but Omote attempt is the first time the designers use CGI work on a fixed object.