Cannot find a parking space, Vatler help you reserve a parking “servant”

if you drive to work in San Francisco, you might know in San Francisco found a right price of the parking lot, how difficult it is one thing. Unless your office has its own parking lot, you are likely to pay to park your car in a garage is far away from the workplace. Prick silk is a dream, can have an on-call “servant”, a day to help me find a parking space in a crowded city, and when I need to drive back for me? !

this is not good to be true, because a company named Valter have the above scenario into reality.

by Vatler this application, the user can in preparing to leave his car when the car to the valet parking service provider (agent). Later, valet can parking the car to a safe place, parked there all day. And when customers ready to work only need to send this request, valet will drive to customer offices nearby.

co-founder Hamza Ouazzani Chahdi, said of the miserable parking situation not just happening in San Francisco, also occurred in other cities in the world. When their team have seen all this, they decided to develop Vatler applications. First of all, they set out to solve the problem for the customer, but they found that there is a greater chance, that is when the user wants to go out for dinner or watch the game, offering on-demand service for guest.

in the initial stage, Vatler provides users with a one-time order price. Price is as follows: in the SOMA or Mission is the price of a $20 and $300 a month, and the financial district a $35, is $500 a month.

there is no doubt that at that price, Vatler can obtain profit. But the problem is that the prospects of such demand valet how wide? Founder, said the goal is to drive into the city of 200000 people every day, but what is certain is a portion of them are willing to pay for such services.


Iresearch data showed that fast taxi market share of 52% in the first half of the year

subsidies after more than half a year of war, a taxi software market was almost fast taxi and drops a taxi. Iresearch MUT statistics the number of according to display, as of June, a taxi fast in the first half of the market share rose to 52. 05%, the second a taxi drops 47.95%.

data show that in June a taxi fast that covers more than 28.14 million people, monthly use number 278.39 million, accounts for 52.05% of the total use; drops a taxi to cover 24.05 million people, the monthly use 256.51 million times, accounted for 47.95% of the total use, two software combined with taxi monthly total number of 534.9 million.

it is worth noting that another has mainly covering Shanghai and guangzhou bumblebee taxis, has until the end of last year in the unit, the fast transformation for the main business of commercial vehicles of one car, and thus become one of the fast taxi commercial exploration direction. This also means that time-consuming rectified and invested heavily “hit” the taxi software market has been divided two giants, the whole market is gradually stabilized.

since may, quick and drabs successively cut subsidies and eventually stop the passengers and drivers, the to a certain extent, led to the loss of part of the user. Iresearch data shows that fast in March by monthly cover once reached 37.38 million, drops a taxi to cover 29.28 million , and that was when the taxi software subsidy wars the most intense period.

the personage inside course of study says, a taxi in the fierce competition in the software market, fast taxi viscosity increasing the number of users and users. fast, according to official data released by the city has covered more than 300, far above 178 drops a taxi. In fact, the taxi quickly since last year in strengthening user viscosity, online in less than a year of integral mall has become its main function.

although a taxi software market has just been ranked, but quick and drops fire has spread to the field of car rental, in a taxi quickly announced online number one car business after a month, drops its business car rental business has recently started to open beta, and easy to transport and foreign giants, UBer into China commercial vehicles has become another after a taxi for the point.

Sequoia rare addition: to startup Medallia $1

Medallia is a service industry provide customer experience management of enterprise, to help companies track consumer experience feedback. Is the third time the sequoia capital investment to Medallia company, investment amount of $50 million, with the first two, total investment has makes Medallia sequoia did one of the largest investment.

sequoia capital is the only investor Medallia, points three times in total investment of 105 million dollars. It’s A bit similar to WhatsApp cross-platform communication applications, sequoia capital is also the only investors, the company in 2011 WhatsApp get $8 million from sequoia A round of funding, sequoia also led the WhatsApp altogether three rounds of financing, A total investment of more than $60 million, and the world’s largest social network Facebook for $19 billion, after acquisition of WhatsApp sequoia obtained nearly $3 billion in return.

until now Medallia did not reveal company valuations, but according to Medallia cover, parker, co-founder and CEO haarde revealed that since 2012 the first round of financing, valuations rise nearly five times the Medallia.

sequoia partner humanitarian doug leone said investment in Medallia is very rare, he said the company is very lucky, can be used as potential selected by sequoia.

Medallia co-founder and chief executive of Amy? & mann (Amy Pressman) and sequoia partner and members of the board of directors, doug? Leon (Doug Leone) in the interview revealed after many years as a consultant, they decided to create the cause of this company. They note that a higher quality of service for small companies and the importance of the hotel, including some slightly big scale companies also are not necessarily perfect. They will also want to improve the quality of service, through the consumer experience feedback analysis, accordingly. Only this, the businessman can increase the service point, bring huge competitive advantage. It is at this point, the founder of the Medallia see business opportunities.

but they did not immediately start financing at the time, but the independent operation to the Medallia to profit, in 2012 won the first round of funding, they already have about 100 employees, with more than one hundred brands and customers.

leone, points out that in the absence of any financing founded the Medallia, can only depend on oneself to company’s business to the scale, must have exceptional insight and ability to execute, financing for them is just in order to develop more quickly.

he Medallia said in an interview, evaluation, it is a very precise and perfect team. Haarde presented similar evaluation, he said he asked investment can give full play to the initiative positive rather than a passive cater to.

Medallia as a Internet service software, the company to the customer in all kinds of data mining, and then analysis the data, and through data visualization technology, make enterprise can quickly collect customer feedback, and make the corresponding adjustment experience according to consumer feedback.

since 2012, Medallia on both in the number of employees and customers are expanded four times, including the upscale department store chain nords, dragon house lease community reality (Nordstrom), travel, they all became the Medallia client, haarde also puts forward the concept of “absolute turnover”, because most customers have become the Medallia’s diehard, this registration number is always far greater than the cancellation number.

although in 2012 after the first round of financing, haarde has said he will not finance again, but now he said he hoped to raise money as much as possible to hit the opponent, the opponent, including market research company, they generally cost is very high, also like Sprinklr peers.

social media and mobile terminal has made consumers have an unprecedented opportunity to share their consumption experience, regardless of the high praise, they say. Haarde think if the company can’t learn to collect and analyze the evaluation and learn lessons from, consequence is unimaginable. He said, wanted to keep customer satisfaction is not an easy thing, just like the NFL and NBA players, want to stay with the team, active in the field is also a very challenging thing.

, a company spokesman said the latest financing will be used to expand the Medallia software platform, including the update text analysis engine, extend the cloud equipment, better handling of customer information feedback from the customer, they will be in the United States and towards the world, from six continents for millions of users in more than 70 different countries.

haarde is expected in the next year for initial public offerings, but he says it will not continue offering, he needs to observe public offering can bring to the company’s interests.

at the same time, he from poaching other cloud computing software company a lot of talent, once worked for Workday served as vice President of financial Chris Watts in January to Medallia, becoming chief financial officer. ServiceNow CEO Frank Slootman also became Medallia in February joined the board of independent directors.

about this, haarde explained: “Amy and I are business for the first time, we realized that we often make mistakes, we want to be as little as possible to make mistakes.”


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A new type of solid-state batteries let double wearable equipment life

(compile: Sally)

a may eventually for as much as twice the traditional battery storage battery power, will soon from small-scale trial to wearable devices, mobile phones and even electric cars.

the so-called solid-state batteries can be ready for the trip, and can be used in some wireless devices. If, however, also used in other areas, and the battery, the cost is too high. Chipmaking gear (Applied Materials company) is one of the world’s largest semiconductor and imaging equipment suppliers, they think their research and development of this kind of solid-state batteries still can sell cheaper. It would be more pocket, long life for the development of smart watches before clearing the road obstacles, at the same time also benefit those with natural gas vehicles have the same navigation in electric cars.

in the solid-state batteries, solid electrolyte has replaced traditional lithium-ion batteries commonly used liquid electrolyte. Solid state can save more electricity, at the same time, can replace traditional with lithium metal electrode. No longer using liquid electrolyte another advantage is that they are highly flammable, give up on their use means improved battery safety performance. The replace both saved the cost and save the space, and for electronic equipment, the advantage of the more important is that, no longer need complicated cooling equipment to cool.

chipmaking gear came all the way of transportation production equipment, can be finished in a large area of high accuracy of electrolytic deposition process. The device will be the first to be used to make the sample of the solid-state batteries and demonstration.

a large area of the electrodes and the electrolyte materials to make high quality has always been a solid-state batteries production one of the great cost challenges. Batteries, sedimentary process needs to be electric contact, piled up electrode layer upon layer interval, and with a solid electrolyte as a spacer. If there is a groove, a solid electrolyte will make electrical contact with the electrode in direct contact, cause a short-circuit. Chipmaking gear says it can solve such perfect production challenges.

“solid-state batteries production bottleneck lies in the material handling process and cost control” chipmaking gear company energy storage solutions in the direction of the marketing director Andy Chu said, “we are working to solve these problems, once resolved, higher capacity battery can store.”

chipmaking gear according to the company with customers to use its equipment to produce batteries, but do not want to reveal customer specific information. It also said, however, these devices will be the first in wearable devices battery production, such as specification quite pocket smart watches.

solid-state batteries because of does not contain a liquid electrolyte and is easy to be molded into various shapes, which makes it easy to be integrated into the watch. If solid-state batteries are thin, and even can be inserted in the elastic strap.

chipmaking gear company did not disclose use their technology to produce a solid-state batteries are worth, storage battery, how and how long the charging time. Repeated a problem in solid state battery is solid electrolyte ductility is far inferior to the liquid electrolyte, for which the limits of the power output.

chipmaking gear company says it is working with mixed with other ingredients to improve the ductility of solid electrolyte, like joining in the chip of semiconductor material. At the same time, the company continues to improve process energy storage material deposition velocity to produce more electricity can be stored thick material.

Source: MIT