Auto makers play O2O: Tmall car half 140000 people order a test drive

Beijing auto show is about to end, and online sales boom has continued. In early April, as testing the waters, dongfeng Peugeot 2008, Chevrolet and cool, skoda xin 17 new models in Tmall auto start, first to accept reservation, a total of 3.57 million people into the page, half a month accumulative total 140000 people order a test drive, the result has been offline large auto show several times. The car industry O2O front taking shape.

new car starting from offline to online

4 month, dongfeng Peugeot official flagship store in Tmall new starting activity, focus on promotion of year is the most important new model 2008, in the case of not officially announced the sales policy completely rely on Tmall platform endorsement to guide users to clinch a deal, a new line of starting ceremony held in Beijing in the evening of April 17, but didn’t held a ceremony, the car has been set off in advance on Tmall cars.

according to Tmall car, according to data only on April 8 to 10, dongfeng Peugeot can finish for three days to test drive the order 6798, 2008 new cars in the absence of announced officially listed on the final price clinch a deal to 27, finally the activity of dongfeng Peugeot 830 for whole vehicle completed vehicle orders. Starting with 2008 synchronous Tmall new cars and Chevrolet and cool, skoda xin 17 new models, such as more and more models to choose Tmall car as a new starting platform.

these vehicles is relatively young, 80, 90, is the main location after the crowd, dealer analysis of user characteristics, shopping habits, and find that the crowd with Tmall user coincidence rate is very high, so Tmall user to the acceptance of the new model matching degree will be very high.” Tmall car head tell is introduced. Daily Tmall platform, on the other hand, the accumulation of large flow high popularity, it itself is a media platform.

preferential leaning to big data to complete the online model matching

in fact, new start into the day the cat cars, not only the benefits of these. Relying on new cars start to attract traffic to drive the whole vehicle sales; Online consulting for a large number of customer requirements; By these are slated for user data, dealer transfer more and more preferential policies to the cat car key.

dongfeng Peugeot digital marketing manager liang said, in the day the cat’s new start during the activity, they received more than 20000 users of sales leads. The so-called clues, behind is Tmall user data.


in order to attract users to pay a deposit, the deposit is refundable after the test is not satisfied. However, the user data. The consumption habit of the user, the consumption amount of a year, shopping preferences and so on, all at a glance. “Then we will place our user data and user data through Tmall, so it could be more accurate to analyze users’ m Liang Jieshao, and with this idea is not just for dongfeng Peugeot family.

“Tmall accumulated a large number of user data, can help businesses for user interaction, achieve more accurate, this is not any online car platform”, Tmall car head tell said, “for example, a user to buy a lot of maternity clothes or diapers, the infant child supplies, our big data can be analyzed out even in her children how or what stage pregnancy, and a family is the most easy to produce cars during this period, this is the dealer will be focusing on the user, and in any other platform, the users cannot be clearly revealed.