Avoid into the most hate browser, developers will act as a new Internet explorer “mice”

, like Google, Mozilla and Opera browser mainstream developers have version for developers to provide specialized developers. Now Microsoft has also launched a developer version of Internet explorer.

Microsoft Internet explorer browser on Monday launched a developer edition, this is the Microsoft for developers launched the first independent IE11 run browser.

Microsoft officials about the Developer version of Internet explorer (IE Developer Channel) is introduced as follows:

“the developer version of Internet explorer can run independently of the existing version IE11, inherited IE11 acclaimed function, at the same time, it is a blend of part is developing a new generation of the function of the IE browser. “

this time to launch the Developer version of Internet explorer or DC1 (Developer Channel 1), as the name suggests aimed at developers group, data points out that DC1 configuration such as the new version. Embodied in the Bug check wrong more convenient, the response analysis of the memory, the UI function more powerful, navigation experience, shortcut function optimization, etc.

the browser using the Microsoft client App – V 11 run independent of IE, therefore belongs to the virtualized operation, is likely to impact on site performance experience slightly – Microsoft and therefore do not recommend review site performance on the version of the browser. It is unclear whether the subsequent launch of Microsoft developer version of Internet explorer will continue to adopt this kind of virtual technology.

the current version of the browser support Windows 7 SP1 and Win8.1, and take the lead in showing the future versions of IE part features, including Microsoft officials said late last month several new functions, including support for a new HTTP/2 protocol, web interface compatible with the audio script is running, the local audio/video capture, ES6 language standard (for writing asynchronous processing code), etc.

in the Build developers conference to launch the site Status. Modern. Ie shows developers ie web technology, the future of current support for Microsoft Internet explorer estimated adopted standards, and some of the function of development.

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Via: ZDnet