Back to book artifact and a great reading software

copyright issues aside, after the book artifact is a great reading software.

after book artifact wrote in his disclaimer: after book artifact to encourage the general fiction fans back through artifacts found excellent network novel and providers, and suggested to read the original books, to any third party web content may involve information network transmission right, back to book artifact after receiving the relevant legal documents and will disconnect the link to the content as soon as possible in accordance with the law.

startup, the liability that is necessary. After book artifact is the tool that provides network novel update, as the novel enthusiasts to provide convenient, fast, comfortable experience of trying to read.

the biggest characteristic is: reduces the search costs

when the user clicks on a book after book artifact will be the title of the book in the form of a keyword submitted to third party sites or search engines (such as baidu, appropriate search, post bar, etc.). And then through intelligent transcoding technology or direct optimization more standard experience after artifacts displayed on the book. Because of the search, the content is all a big advantage.

there is a big characteristic, intelligent tracking serial update

network novel serial system mostly, with new like reading novels in people’s eyes, this is the essential skill, but all trival unnecessary waste time can use technology to complete. Cross-site track immediately prompt update, won’t fall in a new chapter.

the user is always the first, according to the service direction, always established business model. Can be noticed that after book artifact is not just a reading tool. More in the direction towards community, network literature reading user community.

there are comprehensive discussion, review, book discussion three mainstream plate, the complex is multifarious, suitable for water entertainment, book review, is a good book to recommend properties, find books will look. The third book shortage mutual area is more like a baidu know in the network literature. For users may interact in reading free come in three plates, the sense of belonging and community will be more strong adhesive.

book artifact founder wang, has repeatedly entrepreneurship. Angels bay to vote early seeds, the product early also bred angel in hangzhou bay, has obtained CPT millions of A round of investment capital.

no matter how good your product, the copyright is also a problem that cannot be ignored. Perhaps future book artifact will add overtake similar to play the function of appreciating the ticket and do into the original novel website, this also is a kind of copyright to distribute, gather up the users, starting or recommend books into is also a viable business model.


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