Back-to-school, these 100 yuan of small accessories let people move!

to go back to school means to spend a lot of fees, room and board, textbooks, tuition, etc., every penny counts. To this end, we collected some popular science and technology products in the attachment, they are all within the $25. These are necessary to make your digital life more beautiful things, such as charger, cable, mobile phone cases, headphones, or even just a very useful gadget. The following list to logitech, panasonic, sandisk, philips, amazon and other familiar brand is given priority to, also includes some of the products is lower than $12. Last week, hunting cloud network editor jun also prepared the “for the school children’s shoes, we hope that we can through these two articles for the school children and their parents, bring some valuable Suggestions on shopping.

panasonic ErgoFit RP – HJE120

as a general rule, when price lower than $10, you can buy the possibility of high quality products will drop by index. Despite the low price but the panasonic headset, sound effects when wearing is surprisingly well. Earplugs external mainly adopts is plastic material, relatively light. From the vision, the HJE120 design is concise and easy, rounded lines. Structure is a new breakthrough, inclined tube part did not adopt circular structure, but the elliptic. Such a design, can improve the leading tone (leading note) pipe gas flow, conform to the inner ear structure at the same time, will not affect the wearing feeling. In the same price range, it’s hard to find you is better than the sound quality and comfortable wearing earplugs in-ear headphones. The alternative color (have a series of rainbow color, as well as the basic black), each pair of headphones price as low as $4, you can buy in bulk. Or buy Ergotfit RP – TCM125 cost around $12, it is added with a built-in microphone, but the disadvantage is that quality sound is not good enough.

JVC Flats

headphones below $20, you can’t find better than JVC Flats.

portable headset JVC Flats although looks a bit cheap, but is a small and light, wear comfortable, sound quality is very good, prices ranging from $9.89 to $25.92.

Kingston DataTraveler SE9

every one can use a spare usb flash drive. Kingston DataTraveler SE9 durable, strung on your key ring, very convenient to carry. Stored DVD data function is very strong. Only $9 of 16 gb capacity usb flash drive, 32 gb of about $13, 64 gb of also only need $25 or so.

sandisk cool beans series U disk

SanDisk Cruzer usb is extremely small, basic and Fit the size of the wireless mouse receiver, do not take a place on the computer, the design of the ring is convenient to carry, is a personal design, users don’t have to worry about losing. 16 gb capacity under $10, 32 gb under $19.

rice Petite Key

compared with other usb flash drive, Lacie Petite Key might be a little bit expensive, but it USES the high strength metal shell, measurements for 41 x21x3. 5 mm, very small, and the Key is the same as the ordinary, only eight grams net. This product is the biggest characteristic is can reach 100 meters waterproof, according to LaCie even into the deep water, or washing machine don’t have to worry about damage of materials. PetiteKey has 8 gb, 16 gb, 32 gb capacity of three kinds of optional, $14.99, $22.99 and $39.99.

sandisk microSD

camera or smart phone, has a backup storage will not be a harm. Sandisk microSD card work on the adapter and the standard SD card slot. Capacity of 32 gb microSD card below $19.

amazon, high speed HDMI Ethernet cable

the dorm TV and a full range of home theater, the first rule is the same: don’t pay a premium brand HDMI cables. Amazon, high speed HDMI Ethernet cable provides a cable solutions to satisfy a variety of home entertainment needs. In addition, many sets of equipment can also be through this cable to share one Internet connection, without having to add other Ethernet cable. So rather than in the local best buy spend $50 or more to buy a so-called “premium” cable, it is better to purchase the amazon, high-speed two HDMI Ethernet cable installed, just $10. Affordable, you can have a spare cable again, more cost-effective.

amazon, 5/5 s iPhone case

there are countless phone cases, suitable for the iPhone 5 and 5 s. If you want to find a meaningful for your apple mobile phone protector, amazon, the choice absolutely. This series of cases have black or transparent plastic (model of mobile phone is very suitable for white or gold), priced at $4.

Anker on-board charger

travel has always been a fascinating tradition in the university, but if your phone or tablet halfway is power off, that’s not funny. Therefore anker car-mounted charger is generated. It can give our two devices, including a tablet. Make a person enchanted the price of $12. If you find anker 24 w efficient dual USB car charger on sale, it is definitely a travel on the road to recharge the best choice for smartphones and tablet.

Anker Astro mini portable charger

if you need to give out your smart phone or small USB powered device charging, the Anker Astro Mini can help you a lot. The pocket of the cylinder is equipped with a 3000 mah battery, when can’t find the AC power socket, it can be filled with mobile phones.

note: cloud network editor king hunting so far, foreign editor recommend this charger has been unable to catch up with millet mobile charging treasure. 70 yuan, 10050 ma. Suggest you have a need of children’s shoes or choose more accord with the situation of millet mobile power supply.

4 hole EasyAcc USB wall charger

many USB wall charger is not completely to the size of the tablet is enough electricity so, EasyAcc 4 hole USB wall charger was an exception. Two of the four interface 20 v socket can output 2.1 ampere current, it is good for the charge. The EasyAcc charger has collapsible plug, carrying convenient travel.

philips SPS2150WA travel charger

philips this small SPS2150WA charger with folding structure, in the midst of the journey can protect its three AC plug. When you open it, you can also give three standard AC equipment and two USB charging products. But each USB plug can only output one ampere current, so the the tablet only continuous charging. But given its $6 low prices, we have nothing to complain about.

belkin USB rotary charger

belkin/belkin surgeplus rotation USB charger as its name, has a rotatable AC plug, within the scope of the permit flexibility is very good. The product says there are three standards of three pin plug, and two USB connector. Unlike many other small charge, it can give the 2.1 amps and other tablet (in addition to any other USB powered devices). We are looking forward to the future of this sharp plug can be more easy to fold, but still $20. It will still be the most perfect, the most universal travel charger.

Nomad ChargeKey

you need is always full of mobile phone, but you don’t want to drag a line around. Producers Nomad introduced ChargeKey, its 2.5 feet flexible USB software dog that fit on your key chain, and can be used to recharge my smartphone and tablet, as long as you can get a free USB port. There are 20 (applicable to the iPhone, the device) and Micro – USB two versions, for only $25.

logitech M325 wireless mouse

the mouse is dead, but the touchpad and touch screen is the wave of the future. Logitech M325 is a specially designed for web surfing and wireless mouse, comfortable, sleek design, is the perfect combination of precision and comfort. It has 18 months of battery life, tilt wheel can move backward or forward in the network, suitable for assembling Windows computer and apple computer. And as long as such a nice mouse $18. A variety of colors and designs for your choice.

logitech wireless keyboard K360

if you are looking for a substitute for keyboard, logitech wireless keyboard K360 is good. It USES the 2.4 GHz wireless technology, compact appearance, thin thin mute. 2 AA batteries can provide 3 years of use. Unifying union technology to ensure you can use a receiver to manage multiple peripherals, ultra small NANO receiver, from the design of plug and play. Amazon special price lower than $25. The keyboard is suitable for the assembly of Windows computer and apple computer.
Philips GoGear SoundDot music player

iPod Shuffle $50, and still need to iTunes and a USB charging/transport software dog, the software dog also is easy to mismatch. Which philips GoGear SoundDot, in terms of price, only less than $25. You just plug it into your computer (all) assembly of Windows or apple computer, and then start to download your favorite music.

logitech multimedia audio z50’s

$20 speakers usually with poor quality. But look at logitech multimedia audio z50’s, the mono, AC power supply of the speaker is a good way to enlarge your mobile phone, music player or a computer, such as voice, audio devices with 3.5 mm output functions. Z50’s provides three new cool color: pink, gray and blue.

happy clap in the LP – 2020 – a + body speaker amplifier

who says stereo speakers must is expensive? If you want to be in the bedroom with a cheap and good speaker, you just need to add a pair of speakers to this little digital amplifier and an audio source (mobile phone, computer, CD player is fine). The only need to spend less than 20 dollars. Considering such a cheap price, it sounds also is pretty good. As long as you real view on the performance of the Lepai LP – 2020 – a + and limited set of functions, you can be certain of success.

Medialink USB bluetooth adapter

believe or not, many assembly Windows computer still not bluetooth set as the default option. Fortunately, all this will change because of Medialink USB bluetooth adapter. 4.0 bluetooth adapter is compatible with any a Windows device. We insert it into the notebook computer, download and install the driver, a few minutes later a wireless streaming music speakers.

URC WR7 universal remote

we all like the logitech Harmony remote, but sell the cheapest online a Harmony $50, 350. Fortunately, the URC WR7 universal remote is only half the price, and on the function alternative harmony remote control. It can control the seven most device, by the standard AA batteries.