Backpack, match overseas online shopping and travelers purchasing platform

imagine, if you need a medicine, but in China can’t buy, buy from abroad transportation is too expensive, what would you do? Many people turn to are travelling overseas relatives and friends, they bought the required item.

now need not bother! Backpack link buyers and travelers, let them bring buyers want, but also can give you a discount.

Backpack is support by the business incubator Y Combinator start-up companies. It to buyers and travelers provides a one-to-one marketing platform, so as to make the buyers to buy overseas at cheap price. Buyers only need to pay the travelers code and the cost of the goods and the freight.

Backpack on the Amazon, Ebay and other web site can query to the goods, you can also manually input you want the item’s link, along with its price. Travelers will charge according to size of items. Backpack co-founder and CEO Fahim Aziz said, on average every journey, the traveler through shipping multiple items to carry and can earn 250 dollars at most.

on the web site, there are two options button, Travel and Shop. Shop can help you find what you want, and send the request. Buyers can add the “remarks”, want to get the item from which country. Then the system will through the content of the input matching buyers a traveler. Travelers must to reply and confirm the request. Then buyers and travelers negotiate prices of goods and code and cost. This fee will be put in the Backpack, after successful delivery of the goods into the traveler’s account.

in order to make every transaction safer transparent, Backpack to allow buyers via Paypal, check, telegraphic transfer and localization of mobile payment methods such as pay. In the future when Chinese users reached after a certain number, also consider to pay treasure. This also maximum convenience to the user.

travellers to share their Travel plans on the Travel. When the buyer requests matching with the location of the traveler, travelers will receive notification about the item. Travelers have 6 hours of time choice is to accept or reject the request. Aziz said, so far, more than two-thirds of the request has been completed, at the same time, as more and more tourists to join in, there will be more requests answered.

on February 4, 2014, and formally launched. User groups are mainly concentrated in Bangladesh at the beginning, but its influence is gradually penetrated into China. At launch the site within one week from 86 countries of netizens click, home visits amounted to more than 70000 times. And every week 15% increase.

the company hope to have the expansion into the Chinese market quickly, South America and Europe and other regions.

about the rights and interests of tourists, Aziz said that when the items because non-artificial damage, and a platform will undertake the responsibility. But the company hasn’t any insurance policy implementation, is also considered.

“some may only take it as a delivery service, but I think it means more.” Aziz said, “it will send out infinite power.”

once the Backpack to enter more market, more and more travelers to follow in, for those who hai tao, it provides service seems to be really simple and effective.