Baidu 91 support staff entrepreneurial, hatching key projects

into baidu after 91, the company in addition to the business integration, within the inspire creativity also began to make a change.

hunting cloud network learns from inside the baidu, baidu has grown from 91 in May this year to start the “internal creative incubation mechanism”, and a total of 100000 yuan of bonus to support good business project. So far, the company has collected 108 creative application, and outstanding in these projects, will be baidu 91 late incubation of key projects.

this internal incentive mechanism has been with Google, yahoo, and other well-known foreign companies to market, make full use of company resources advantage to hatch, creative projects and provide seed money and the professional mentor. 91 after the merge into baidu has the necessary for start-ups natural “petri dish”.

on the development model of innovation, the continuation of 91 attaches importance to the innovation of the enterprise internal genes and bottom-up grassroots creative mechanism, puts forward the creative collection, resources support and platform to support the three-step strategy. Baidu 91 vice President XiaoGuang previously disclosed that the company will spend big strength, hatch internally to foster a batch of new project, forming a platform to drive project, project internal innovation virtuous circle to promote the development of platform.

the relevant person in charge of baidu 91 revealed that the company will to many potential projects, in-depth investigation and analysis, to select the most valuable project, investment, support team and provide the platform.