Baidu, China unicom, and Wells Fargo, three players together can do into one thing

is a lucky date on June 6. Baidu, unicom and rich fund selection on this day jointly issued “the rich” Internet service platform, finance and life place for guangdong unicom headquarters. This is the Internet operators, the traditional financial institutions and between three parties cross-border cooperation for the first time.

he best what is rich? So complicated!

in the Internet financial product lineup of baby “legion,” “hundred rich” to enter the Internet financial in a position, it is not a financial product, but an Internet finance + life services platform.

in particular, it first for the new and old customers with products of guangdong unicom, guangdong unicom users words fee and deposit can be deposited 购机款 as financial capital, only need to freeze a certain amount of money can be “0 yuan” upgrade, also can use to freeze a one-year or two-year fee and direct access to financial gains. In addition, guangdong unicom with also can enjoy privilege, direct purchase “walter hundred rich” funds, it just like “baby legion” nature.

“the rich” in guangdong unicom trial operation and then to the country.

from the conference site related information and materials, the author feels that a set of financial management mechanism has a strong operator attribute, the entire complex rules many – to small white users and grassroots marketers understand rules also need to spend a lot of time. In fact, the operator’s policies on service charges have been very complex. And the biggest advantage of the Internet financial prick silk finance, small white money, is to make the experience more simple “wo hundred rich” the next priority.

it’s appeal is very large, high yield. According to guangdong unicom Yang Chengzhong, general manager, the richest 7 in annualized yield more than 6.1%, is the balance of Po when launched. “Baby legion” major financial product yield 7 years have been below 5%. And “wo hundred rich” can guarantee yields benefits from phone and 购机款 “liquidity is very small,” the advantage.

tripartite cooperation through systems, the Shared user

guangdong unicom is not the first to break into the Internet financial operators.

a few days ago, China telecom in tianjin joint minsheng bank direct bank launched the “tian yi bao”, it is a combination of mobile phone account balance products, users can use to buy financial products yields pay phone, mobile phones will also be the remaining money to buy financial products to earn profits.

“the rich” compared with the one is the introduction of the Internet company, 2 it is to have more financing way, three is the building of “life services platform” concept. System has been completely through three companies, the user, service and marketing resources are Shared, and explore more attach mode, not only the financial management on a commission basis.

three companies in this cooperation, rich countries fund responsible for fund management, the goal is to improve yield as far as possible; Unicom has 400 million mobile users and offline marketing service system (department store, hotline, network and local employees), responsible for more unicom users into the “richest” system, and attracted by this new unicom users; While baidu’s strong online marketing channels and service platform of life. Search, the application distribution, maps, some typical O2O business such as buying preferential and tourism, ticketing, baidu has a good layout, all of which can be of users and operators, offline camp system and the organic integration of mobile payment.

operators return the Internet financial

baidu hundred, general manager of tenpay ZhangZhengHua said more bluntly: if continue in-depth cooperation, after China unicom business hall is “bank branch”, and baidu is China unicom users online life platform.

about operators do Banks, will think of the business hall into a bank branch already exists. So rather than unicom into Internet financial as its return. Several big operators expand into mobile payment in a few years ago, only a walk through the three road:

1, the operator push with one cartoon company mobile phone card, increase subsidies for NFC phone is extremely large. But the wrong bets (NFC), and standards in the interest game lost to unionpay failed to succeed.

2, in addition to the NFC payments, several big operators have launched a class pay treasure to third party Internet payment platform, set up their own e-commerce payment unit or subsidiary. More radical China mobile has direct stake in Shanghai pudong development bank paid in round the dream.

3, the phone instead of micropayment operator is doing the most popular. Via text message authentication this way, let users can quick and easy payment when SP business consumption, for example App downloads, games, digital reading, music, etc. But it has also been a dance chain, difficult to replicate to more deals.

so can say “wo hundred rich” is China unicom’s high-profile in the financial business in return. Finance, mobile payment, mobile, Internet operators ambitions even bigger than the Internet giant. This means, “walter hundred rich” is just the beginning, then there will be more operator + + Internet financial institutions tripartite cooperation products.

several breakthrough “wo hundred rich”

before the Internet financial product of the basic equivalent to BAT wealth management products. Ali is balance treasure, tencent is financing, baidu is the best and best to earn. All these products are cooperation between Internet companies and financial institutions, and the method of cooperation is relatively shallow, the Internet as a distributing channels to offer more convenient purchase channel and management platform, with the aid of big data and other technical ability, help financial institutions to better predict cash flow, mining value.

“the rich” through three parties deep cooperation, realized the breakthrough of the traditional “Internet financial products in:

1, the introduction of the Internet financial giants. Operator itself on the mobile payment layout, fund precipitation is very large, because it was prepaid model. “The rich” are doing is to operators in the past bank account money, moved to the fund company.

2, making the Internet financial potential users. Although “baby legion” ease of use to many traditional institutions fearful, but it still is geared to the needs of mobile Internet users. There are many mobile phone users is communication but not Internet users, China, 600 million Internet users for the mobile number accounts for 1.2 billion, with operators cooperation means that the potential number of users.

3, try O2O financial management mode. In the past the Internet financial is pure “Internet”, everything is online. But with the acceleration of the Internet and the traditional enterprise integration, every field of online. “The rich” O2O finance can let users enjoy the convenient online information service, also can enjoy the tangible entity service, the “offline” is very necessary for financial management, is also essential for the mobile payment business.

4, deepen operators cooperate with OTT. WeChat OTT operators and Internet companies maximize the contradiction, with the increase of WeChat walker appeared and gradually subside. Then I think such cooperation will continue in-depth between different operators and Internet companies. Now, is also in guangzhou, is also a unicom, only cooperation objects into baidu, nature or embrace OTT operators.

“the rich” is not perfect, also need to constantly iterative out more new products. Baidu and operators already have multiple cooperation, this time is neither beginning, further not over yet. Baidu and China unicom has the characteristics of open and common interests, then will explore more play to. Internet financial is not a rat, nor who subvert, professional people do professional thing, win-win cooperation is king.

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