Baidu has been taken in the small degree and fresh, I a small ring of the smart home

she remembered baidu just a small degree of cameras is not call I eyes and ears, small degrees before people is quite generous in sharing the hot scene, scene, remember to have a university of Beijing, small supermarket, coffee shop, parking lot seems to have a few families also joined the share.

but seem little eyes and ears I fire up not because of these, but because baidu launched the first domestic joint Beijing zoo live webcast zoo activity, the main character in the video is the animals, into a carrier is a small degree of the I.

what is certain is that broadcast the activity of the zoo is very successful. Smart hardware, animals, children, o2o. Every word is suitable for the media, newspapers, television coverage. And on June 1. Small c I is one of the brush and fresh people eye again.

may the media focus is different. For industry data have already been chewed dull boring, also does not represent what millions of visits. But the degree of refreshing the I have a bit let me shine at the moment. In a small degree of I and fresh FAQ (frequently asked questions), there are several very interesting answer. Products to close to the user attitude and fun, must be the official of rigid answer will bury this value. This, I deserve praise and fresh small degrees. The following excerpt several:

q: how to redefine the camera, did you tell me about?

a: need not connect the computer, don’t need to connect cables, no local storage. All grasp three, however, that this can always call redefined.

q: what seems to be no said that he was not on the market of hd, your home can see nose hair?

a: if you are on the nose, may.

q: it looks good, if my family no wifi can use?

a: this is like a person also can live without air, but maybe it’s possible to buy an oxygen tank.

q: why baidu suddenly to do this thing, you also will be hard up?

a: hate! People don’t want to give you can make a run, can wash the clothes, can connect to the Internet camera.

if intentional attention you will find that a small degree of refreshing I this time is very smart, don’t use attract media such as smart home, big data, such as the Internet of things. Common words instead of the public can digest, the zoo, sprout, children, after 90 beauty (the next baidu). Mass digestible keywords I have news let small degrees to fire up the eyes and ears. Point of view, the future spread of other Internet products will follow a similar technique to do it.

back to the industry, at present the baidu in the field of intelligent hardware products have small degree of WIFI, small degree of routing, small degrees I eyes and ears and baidu shadow bar, etc. WIFI, routing and shadow bar there is no need to talk more, alternative products on the market. But I the eyes and ears is a very small degree of innovative products, foreign Google plans to buy a wireless webcam Dropcam news is exciting. Camera market or a traditional domestic enterprises in the world, such as hikvision on professionalism. Internet companies lenovo out a “lenovo shares” is similar and fresh and small degree of the I.

here you can make a guess. Future refreshing I have two small degrees can walk, entertainment and commercial. Entertainment need to add more features, let the products become interesting. If the commercialization, product prices have cut space, according to the online evaluation I can see that the small degrees and fresh to improve and lots more. Future, deal with and respond to traditional professional manufacturers of power are to be well prepared.