Baidu plans to invest $300 million to set up r&d centers in silicon valley

reported yesterday was regarded as the father of the “Google” brain Wu En since joining baidu, baidu has officially announced that he would be as baidu’s chief scientist, overall responsibility for baidu institute. Behind this is baidu do big determination in the field of artificial intelligence. At present, baidu institute have lab in silicon valley and Beijing.

according to the Wall Street journal, baidu said on Friday that the company plans to set up a new r&d center in silicon valley in the United States, investment amounts to $300 million. The center will recruit nearly 200 employees, the team leader is Wu En da.

the move underlines the baidu’s growing ambitions and influence. Wu En said in an interview, the outside world is a stereotype, which other countries are always the replication technology in the United States, but baidu original a lot of things.

baidu established a new r&d center will be the major artificial intelligence and deep learning, after a field recently attracted from Google, Facebook inc. and Microsoft’s investment.

the data shows, Wu En da for Stanford University (Stanford University), director of the artificial intelligence laboratory, after once help Google to create artificial intelligence programs. He previously had a group of researchers have succeeded in making computer in seen millions of YouTube video after identifying the cat. In addition, he is online education platform, co-founder of Coursera, the platform to provide online courses from top universities. After joining baidu, Dr. Wu will continue to serve as chairman of the board of trustees Coursera.