Ballmer “thoroughly from Microsoft,” insisted that rely on hardware profit is still very important

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second, CEO of Microsoft, Microsoft’s most in the world — Steve ballmer, submitted to served for 31 years old club today, “retired” thoroughly’s resignation. Ballmer left office earlier this year Microsoft CEO position, completely retired now refers to he decided to give up the role as Microsoft’s board members.

he said, because he was now the owner of the Los Angeles clippers in the NBA, so can’t get out of Microsoft’s major decisions. Since leaving Microsoft’s six months, he is full of helpless in the different role of transposition and inner conflict. He thinks that he is now the social role of time and energy, has let yourself feel shamed and Microsoft director in such high. In the future, he plans to spend more time with the team and teaching aspects.

Steve ballmer resignation remains as strong as ever and expressed his love of Microsoft and hope. Although the road of development, but Microsoft’s future is bright. It is important to note that Mr Ballmer also don’t forget to express their views on the development strategy of Microsoft. He thought: “mobile first, based on cloud” is a matchless strategy correctly, but rely on users to subscribe to business profits, and try to realize the hardware business cash is still very important.

since, took office, the industry generally believe that he and Steve ballmer of Microsoft’s future development strategy, there exist certain differences. Ballmer would prefer the “apple type way” of combining hardware and software, both can bring profit to Microsoft. But, seems to think that Microsoft wants to depend on the hardware is very difficult to profit, he prefers to see Microsoft can take the advantage of PC systems and software into etc, in to the mobile platform. He thinks that Microsoft can always rely on software to gain profit.

however, Microsoft has started a new chapter. For Microsoft, new chapter is vital for a period of time. How to don’t let this wonderful story to a tragic end, is, and his friends to the most should be considered. At the same time, also sincerely hope that Microsoft’s cloud network editor king hunting story never end of the day.