Bao fan: spirit of enterprise and the staff should have contract

the author: huaxing capital founder package all

recently read my friend Reid Hoffman, write new book: Alliance. Reid, combining his experience in silicon valley start-up to demonstrated the relationship between the enterprise and employees. After reading this book I feel great, there are a lot of people join huaxing over the past two years, we also left some outstanding colleagues, for Talent Management, Talent Management) became the most common things I consider, some ideas and share.

=alliance enterprise + employees. In the present society, loyal employees relations is outdated, it doesn’t make any sense to talk to loyalty. But only if the enterprise employees are machines, employees when the enterprise is the springboard, this way of pure trading is also bad for both sides, because each other are short-term behavior, not for long-term investment. Right is the two sides become strategic alliance: first of all, the two sides have agreed on a league goal, enterprises need to staff to complete a specific task and indicators, to create enterprise value, and the employee wants to get some skills and experience, improve their market value; Secondly, the league is timeliness, depends on how much time to complete the goal of mutual recognition, can be three to five years, also can be more long-term. Expire in the end, the two sides can two-way choice, if both sides to achieve a common goal, alliance is a success. Even if an employee left the company, it doesn’t end on behalf of the alliance. Power on both sides to maintain their own interests, because each other’s ally.

the contract spirit. A union is a contract, the league’s success or failure depends largely on the respect of both parties to the contract. Employees during the period of union, should try to realize the value of the promised, for the enterprise should not be seduced by other targets, and enterprises should be held to the commitment to employees, even know employees may leave the enterprise in the future. If both sides agreed that prior to the expiry of the alliance is no longer possible to sign a new contract, both sides should arrange a smooth transition. After when employees leave the enterprise, the enterprise should try to maintain the reputation of the employees, employees should not to do any damage behavior of the enterprise.

huaxing founded ten years ago when we had only two people, to the team we are more than one hundred people today, but once joined huaxing between colleagues and far more than this number. Huaxing is huangpu military academy of the venture capital industry may too, and quite a few comrades together we has now become successful entrepreneurs and industry bosses, we sincerely for their proud. Every time a colleague leave, early we were anxious, to now we are much more comfortable, because HuaXingRen, either now or in the past, as long as you follow the contract spirit, are Allies. There is a part and treacherous, will eventually be spit on the whole industry, time will prove everything.

there is no such thing as a not good things come to an end, can have, is the fate. Together, we each other achievements; Even if separated, we can also hobnobbing. If decree by destiny, can come together again. This is the attitude of huaxing, this is our “tao”.

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