Based on interest Amino make mobile community, has won a $1.65 million investment

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Amino is a focus on building “interest topic” mobile community. The company announced that it had obtained by the Union Square Ventures led seed fund of $1.65 million.

the co-founder and CEO Ben Anderson said, his love of the public interest is created from my childhood. At that time he was obsessed with robots, but couldn’t find a like-minded friend. Although there are a lot of online community and BBS, but Anderson, feel they are out of date, not suitable for smart phones.

Anderson said that when Amino ready to launch a new community, it will not only include the existing users, will actively seek other BBS user to join.

Amino website currently has 15 community, the Korean pop music, Minecraft, topics include electronic games and art, etc. This figure will eventually reach hundreds, creating a large collection application, as long as the user registration, they can join the many communities. Now 40% existing users to join more than one community, and their identity is independent in every community.

“the human is very complex, often there are several kinds of identity.” He said, “in terms of self expression, life without such release.”

although may transform Amino into a self-service platform, Anderson said will continue to build applications with his team. All has the strict regulation and the choice of the community, because they want to keep the high quality of the community.

in a blog post about the investment, the Union Square’s Andy Weissman said Amino application has been downloaded 500000 times. He wrote, has long been a community is an important part of the Internet. People can share interest and on the Internet. Community is the power of network, its value as more people to participate and share and continue to increase. The Union Square Ventures have been in this kind of enterprise investment.

at present only support iOS Amino applications, but Anderson said that android’s plan has been on the agenda.