Based on the sexual needs of APP or rewriting the adult industry of new era

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since the birth of human, from drinking Mao Ru blood to man-han banquet, from clothed to silks and satins, the evolution of human civilization, in particular, can from the aspects of clothing and food. Humans are in constant evolution, is called evolution, because in the process of constant progress abandon the disadvantages of human constantly, in order to more adapt to the development of the society. In the process of the history of five thousand years of the content of the abandoned a lot, but sex is everlasting unchanged, because sex is thriving, so sex as food and clothing live line at a great pace along the developing history, so master yue: “food and color.

sexual culture originated in ancient heritage

the ancients had already has its own culture, the later in the unearthed cultural relics, porcelain, pottery or books that can see the ancient of so-called “porn”, the tang dynasty is known as women’s bold dynasty, girls asked hero worship love even for a one-night stand is perfectly normal. Even in the Ming and qing dynasties, such as the law of dynasty, also to develop the contemporary scholars often mention “brothel culture”, a “jin ping mei”, created the sexual life of realism that culture in jing wang, director of the ouchi secret agent zero zero of sex sex, be deductive incisively and vividly.

and the true liberation of the public views began from “the may fourth movement”, then on earth-shaking changes have taken place in women’s status, then a so-called free love, love only love the people know its intension, this behavior will contain the sexual freedom outlook on life. When the cities like guangzhou sex culture into the booth, when the Japanese av star parachuted into the domestic a nightclub frequently, when ma jia jia and others in the media hype sex products, the public to realize the cultural has been open to the point of can in any public display.

never left the Internet sex culture

the Internet have words called “porn promote the Internet”, viagra think this sentence is justified, because the spread of the adult culture, hard disk capacity and network bandwidth will multiply, because 50% of the world’s traffic will flow to the adult network. Behind the data, both in porn and sex, this is all about sex, culture will promote the development of industry, so you can see more and more adults from the street shop, also can see more and more sex products advertising towards the streets, scale is bigger and bigger, more and more no moral integrity. The past has been criticized by public opinion of a hun segment son now called heavy taste, DaSuDaYa are widely spread, also hard to see the girls shy red face.

it is worth mentioning that when Google glasses are closed by the end of last year, has got the glasses of adult videos merchants with its took a adult movie. The adult industry is particularly keen on new technology, it is said that adult video technology content than ordinary video website is not half a week. , of course, the application of science and technology in the industry has never stopped to explore, in addition to hardware, video equipment, such as modern rise in mobile Internet, has recently emerged about sex culture “app” the ratio of mobile application, it is said that the app can test your ability to some, the idea of friends to have a try?

what kind of APP is based on sexual needs?

this is the principle, users only need to input data, such as length, number of times, it can automatic analysis than out your sex level and quality, can be customized for you more intimately a tip to improve the quality of sex advice, seems to be some abnormal condition, really is that god? It is said that the user’s data passes through the analysis of the ratio of APP large database for the user tailored tips advice is also through the textual research of scientific experts, can provide users with good exercise mode, and according to the actual situation of user recommend sex toys.

so close function, the user needs? The author Wang Jiwei think Suggestions to improve the quality of XX in the second, also because some way is not necessarily the users like or acceptable, do not exercise mode is more valuable. The current people are mostly living in a fast-paced society, office and entertainment is basic in the face of large screen and sedentary, and the habit of staying up bubble, which led to a decline in ability. Price can provide exercise patterns and considerations on the user’s attention and try to exercise, this to provide great help to the people’s physical quality.

from the Angle of the development of human civilization, appear such a vertical applications to meet the needs of the sex industry is normal, it solved the people of the past has been in a recessive demands of the market, let the user to the field of this life can not lack of cognitive more, know more about this industry is also at the same time, after all, plain code marks a price of goods and street shops there are fundamental differences between wild speculations. Do an APP is common in areas of science and technology, but for industry is a huge step, it will solve the entire industry to the Internet, mobile Internet, actually, the user may interact with application also said businesses on one hand, on the other hand can also interact with other users to exchange of experience or dating, it become more interesting, but not that closed the door before the people wonder, it is an improvement for the whole industry, for users is to provide more convenient service.

ratio of the emergence of an APP to improve people’s quality of life

in the sex culture in the development of long-term, middlemen drive played a large role, such as in the past and now of brothels bath center and so on. Similar to these, the current mobile Internet environment, a variety of mobile application is also doing the same thing, that is the cohesion of the industrial chain upstream and downstream, upstream face products businesses, the downstream in the face of the end user, main mobile application or gathered enough users, in the media value as well as create business value, therefore, how to improve the user activity is very important.

in ancient times there will be a brothel girl shouts, ratio of app is now by some interesting little feature to improve the user experience, such as “lu a lu” function, the user mobile phone after the operation, can be recommended on the mobile phone interface jump out of the goods or discount surprise, so that users familiar patterns and simple operation make the shopping experience of users has been further optimized. Viagra, think that these practices are no problem, the key lies in how to make the users are active, ratio of APP is actually a handheld community, users post to communicate with other users within the community, and more able to communicate about sexual topics make user communities of interest, the growing popularity of the APP is follow up ship.

“accidental pregnancy risks” is a kind of disruptive innovation

some say much more than 90% of the men and women are seen AV, actually overseas for women is very seriously, after all companies depend on these issue shooting a film star to make a profit. Of AV industry in abroad have special medical testing agency and they provide insurance service, this is an extension service. Mobile application is equivalent to the third industry, to provide users with more service is optional, if you want to do about sexual app, will be around this topic considering the comprehensive enough.

for example, the ratio of the new version of the app synchronous introduced a “pregnancy risks”, to buy its goods lead to accidental pregnancy requires termination of users to provide comprehensive protection. Can say, the insurance program is particularly conspicuous, in reality a lot of people because of careless caused by accidental pregnancy, it is dangerous to operate on a second, pain, “pregnancy risks” can let many people this is no resistance to scene psychological more bottoms, can say this is planted very populist, is also a kind of disruptive innovation in the industry.

viagra today say so many, is mainly to express the development of sexual culture is a view of keeping the pace with The Times, its development to a more open modern together will inevitably and science and technology, which includes all factors, geographical and human conditions, etc. Humans leave the sex, the development of a new era of sexual culture development requires the wedded to the science and technology, therefore, developed based on the sexual needs of APP will rewrite the era of the adult industry.

no matter how this field development, service is the eternal, as for how to use technology and experience to meet the users, which requires more “cost-effective” to continuously explore.

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