BAT all incoming car rental market caused by six

a news let baidu baidu investment is easy to use car market rumors finally boots fell to the ground, well, since then, three giant in the traditional sense of the Internet, baidu and tencent, ali were all incoming car rental market, hot areas play three kingdoms kill again. One industry source in communicating and hunting cloud network editor jun said that baidu’s join will make the car rental market becomes more competitive, with the strength of the Uber, industry to also will become complicated.

cloud network editor jun carding chat under dry, hunting for readers reference:

a: guess baidu to easy to how many money?

there are reports that baidu investment amount is easy to use it at about $300 million. Drops? In May 2013, tencent investment drops $15 million, in January 2014, tencent and additional investment of $30 million, more recent drops the latest round of financing as much as $1 billion. Fast external, a $100 million financing is completed.

car market attributes capital-intensive, if you want to win in the competition, logistics is very important, if the car is easy to want to have a as, raise funds can’t is less than the drops and fast.

guess 2: car rental market will price war

as quick and drabs naked melee, in order to compete for the user, must start a new round of price war. Quick and drops into the market from a taxi home is easy to use, easy to will certainly to adhere to and back, plus Uber to join the competition, car rental people have benefits.

guess three: easy to use a taxi will enter the market

drops and fast as latecomers, aggressive, so easy to transport will counter-attack into a taxi market? Car around this application scenario, the boundary of the competition is gradually disappear, easy to except in car rental market continues to subsoil, it may also have a taxi will cut into the market.

guess four: Uber into whether it can make the policy more transparent

before Uber into Beijing, some relevant policy about car rental is not transparent and perfect. As a pure foreign capital enterprise, Uber is the operation of the Beijing municipal government permission, which will make the whole market operating environment become better in policy.

guess five: Uber is collected domestic team

from past the development history of foreign Internet companies in the domestic, overseas companies few successful cases, and lead to eventual examples abound. Uber will incorporate into the local operations team worthy of attention. From another perspective, Uber will cooperate with a domestic Internet companies operating? Worthy of attention.

guess 6: whether there will be other giant incoming?

cloud network editor hunting you see, in addition to tencent, ali, 58 city may be interested in entering the car rental market, and this city from 58 pushing 58 generation can drive business to see clue, for offline business resource intensive, 58 have advantage and confidence.