Battle the Galaxy S5: plastic version of HTC M8 pricing is not more than 3000 yuan

according to, HTC is about to appear in launching a flagship phone called “M8 Ace” plastic material. This kind of mobile phone configuration almost no difference with the Galaxy S5, but prices could fully to less than 1000 yuan RMB.

it is understood that the device will launch 5 inch screen 1080 p; 2.5 GHz Xiao dragon 801 processor.

yesterday, an exclusive domestic media also reported the news, and points out the future HTC One product line will be metal, plastic, edition of the mini version and domestic version of the four types.

in addition to the price is not higher than 3000 yuan, the biggest difference between this kind of mobile phone, is to use the plastic material. Although the mobile phone of the plastic HTC users, is not strange. But since the HTC One full metal One design since its launch, HTC has been mocked the samsung Galaxy the plastic shell and modelling of cheap feels dye-in-the-wood. Today, HTC to regain the plastic material design, a little “since face”.

however, the price is too not populist, publicity strategy mistake) (of course is not only the problem has been restricting HTC failed to hit obstacles. Now HTC to regain the mid-market and truly price and configuration of “unity”, (formerly the HTC Desire basically has become cannon fodder 816) this is for all users.

domestic media revealed that HTC M8 Ace as “HTC One plastic version”, the phone will be available next month.