Beautiful MIUI hook: 6 m pomelo design specification and exclusive high quality API

hunting cloud network on August 15 (word/water Yan)

swagger of millet to give their beautiful miui special conference! Internet banner of millet play for many years, finally a career-best, gives beautiful miui a birthright, to know even sell mobile phone is not eligible for this red rice.

beautiful MIUI as millet have been propaganda, one of the “troika” depth, exquisite smooth running speed can be unified custom UI design, wide open source adapter was welcomed by a large number of users. At the same time, the beautiful MIUI or millet to market the first products of the company, is a “hero” millet veteran. Is the one big characteristic of millet, and is considered by millet as the core competitiveness of the phone.

of shanzhai and competition problems facing beautiful MIUI

with the latest version of 4 m phones, beautiful MIUI also grow more and more like apple, from one desktop to the page layout to transition animations almost no difference, although millet on detail may have been avoided with apple’s copyright dispute, but millet are carefully prepared internationalization, if not the copyright, put up a fake problem go out to see people make their own.

and apple’s patent wars is not imagination of so good, designed to samsung products are apple ran after the play, a lock-up everywhere. Compared for millet, the more will be a big snag.

and xiao yun used with many beautiful MIUI ordinary users and found that for many ordinary users become the artist, not much innovation design function interface, although more detail feedback operation experience is done very carefully, but most users do not think that how important it is, or is fresh for a period of time.

in frog, baidu cloud, and after comparing ali cloud ROM, did not pull open the distance is too big, and have distinguishing feature each, frog and mid-range machine market, various display effects of baidu cloud ali cloud, this is all beautiful MIUI now also have no.

this is a beautiful MIUI other competing user problems.

after four years of iterative upgrade, millet in August 16th of this month, that is, grandly released the latest version of the beautiful MIUI 6 tomorrow. Although the millet is a little bit addicted to “shanzhai” feeling, but the fake hardware, change a model, internationalization software ROM fortress, if not from now on, slowly pick, by the time the internationalization, it is not possible to just pick a day clean .

so beautiful MIUI 6 are expected to usher in a big change, hunting cloud network led everybody to see beautiful MIUI today may bring us surprise.

more delicate transition animations and m pomelo design specification, strive to win the hammer the transition of “fun animation”

the immersive network meeting the status bar, flat design, these are some of the art style and some of the detail of the beautification, did not say what are the changes on beautiful miui overall design layout, but this is the focus of the beautiful miui 6.

in accordance with the smart phone screen size of the trend, beautiful miui 6 for screen adaptation can be said to be certain, millet could not take into account the user’s experience.

mainly concentrated in the ways of improving domestic experience: ActionBar layout slide down, citing more gestures, global hands operation adaptation.

millet has been ActionBar fluctuation kongfu, layout is down in the very early. Like in the center of the security, contacts, music and so on interface, early began to introduce into the upper part is not too much practical function of big piece image, under a small half part of almost all the focus on the function keys, and all of the design of the function keys do a unified and standard visual design step by step. Function key focus on half part makes mobile phone operation more convenient.

reference sliding gesture more rich more vital transition animations can realize more unconscious design, design the unconscious (or intuitive design) is operating within the function to introduce cultural habits of scene design, under the status of users in the “unconscious” can understand the operation of each function.

due to sliding gesture can dig out more, the function of the dynamic scene makes operation more intuitive and convenient. Larger and more advanced touch technology is the guarantee of reach these excellent experience.

the global two-handed adapter is easy to understand, is in the system at the bottom of the logical operation design to introduce the hands operation. For the present screen more and more smart phones, have not suitable for single hand operation, and provide more dazzle, experience better hands operation is the right direction.

and all these more detailed, more in-depth, more comprehensive design, millet application simply gave their system can be fit as soon as possible, but for the third party applications, their experience has become a problem. If you want to achieve better experience, at the same time circle into more ecological resources, launched its own “m design code” pomelo is imperative. Besides, after so many years’ accumulation of technology, millet has the capital.

about “m pomelo design specification”, millet currently has many advantages, beautiful MIUI, after all, the greatest fame is his good delicate design. Experienced a long-term global theme of ecological technology accumulation, pomelo design specification “m” can be docking their global theme of ecological, adaptation “m design code” pomelo will change with the change of mobile phone theme of the application of unified skin .

more deeply and also beautiful MIUI original global theme, transition animations, button ICONS, application background, and so on these maybe can change! When Michael can right the old home of the transition of “fun animation” for their own use!

new global social system, through chat, introducing the developers to focus on recommend

beautiful MIUI 6 messages into meters chat message should not be wrong, on the one hand, m talking to add good social relationships to turnaround, on the one hand, beautiful MIUI messages need to add new functions to improve the user experience. Both are white.

but beautiful MIUI now is also need a through all of their own social system, to make these cold tools became more vivid, beautiful MIUI and perhaps not just into m chat so simple! But to remake a new social system, just chat with m got through.

millet will how to do the social system? The social system bring to millet?

millet if only use the social system as a message exchange, it is really a waste of beautiful MIUI this big platform. this new social system will at least get through communication system, the app store, millet, millet mall BBS or gallery, music, file manager, video and so on.

through the communication system to communicate with their friends, through the gallery, music, file manager, video, and so on understanding friends, make friends the same interest. Into the app store, millet, millet, mall BBS on excellent developers and browse their state and published in the recent posts, views.

all through, for those who are eager to promote their product developers became millet active users of social system, “high quality” content providers, and opinion leaders. companies, since the media can be directly set up public services on millet communications system account, to provide customer service, high quality content and so on WeChat currently do.

not with beautiful MIUI users, direct download millet system can realize some function.

unique, high quality, better use of their API and millet developer platform

millet mipush news push API because of large population, beautiful MIUI has been adapted by many developers. And next wooing a developer API, after many years in millet elaborate layout, new beautiful MIUI 6 should be take out to look.

this is millet own ActionBar, as well as the extension of the meters for the center with ActionBar pomelo design specification. About ActionBar, namely the bottom of the interface, used in the various function keys corresponding can help understand the meizu SmartBar, but SmartBar contain less design elements, small degree of freedom, because SmartBar adaptation problems, wong tai sin this two years the number of being laughed at.

more clever millet is, although had ActionBar layout, but never dig a scar on the screen allows users to adaptation problem, believe that after the millet own ActionBar API to build a mature also won’t appear this kind of problem.

the last it is conceivable that the millet’s right SmartBar fame for his own use..

now conjecture, millet this API is absolutely better than android original ActionBar, can be well compatible with android original API, so there is no adaptation of third-party applications don’t have to worry about applications use problem (such as initial stage can ensure compatibility, ecological mature is not necessarily).

, and the application of adaptation will be the use of less mobile space, run more smoothly, and the theme of the docking millet system (this can also be isolated an exclusive API) . Of course, these there may be some defects at the beginning of the API to launch.

have their own special API, millet will have to run their own “developer platform”, so could become extremely beautiful MIUI 6 millet developers conference for the first time.

to this, the millet began from android ecological control ability, can catch a catch countries promote the tide of “operating system”. When the time comes to buy millet mobile phone really became a patriotic!

maybe the millet slogan directly to: the pride of Chinese people.

6 this beautiful MIUI should have big breakthrough, otherwise sorry such “grand luxury” conference. More exciting features innovative design, a new, more beautiful MIUI ecological or will bring big shock to the android ecosystem. Millet this will integrate the last m 4 conference “tradition”, small mouth a pie, light easy to take up others propaganda characteristic slogan for many years, like others copy millet.

all in all, at least the millet should no longer so embarrassing as 4 meters.