Beauty 19 school lending business, after 11 years with an estimated net worth of $9 billion blood test business it’s magic!

11 years ago, the age of 19, a sophomore girls Elizabeth holmes from Stanford university resolutely to drop out of school, “bold” to rely on borrowing to set up a company, now valued at $9 billion. She and “blood” company more than ten years, one step at a time, eventually rushes out a piece of his own heaven and earth, it’s quick medical revolution! So this actually is a what kind of company?

are you afraid of an injection of blood tingling? Have you had any experience of being tossed about the failure of the blood? Have you ever complained to do a test to have a fill of blood and expensive? If you and I have the same experience and doubt, then everything would be our Gospel!

subversive blood test methods: cheap painless, time is short, cover an area of small

this is a blood test company, named “Theranos”, the word (” therapy “) by the treatment and diagnosis of Mosaic “diagnosis”, sounds is a professional and authority of the company. It has 500 employees, is now 9 billion. The high complexity laboratory currently offers more than 200 kinds of common blood tests, in the near future will increase to more than 1000.

Theranos invented by blood test method is cheap, and fair and transparent, only plan health care and medical subsidy standard charge less than half the price. Its website all the quotation is: to test blood type: $2.05; Cholesterol: $2.99; Iron content: $4.45. The company said, if in the United States all of the blood test can be performed by the price, in the next ten years, can save $98 billion for health insurance, savings of $104 billion for medical subsidies.

and use this kind of cheap and convenient detection method for people to the information from the blood vessels, will make people know about their health to produce unprecedented, is likely to make people get rid of the cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other serious illness.

with the patented method in blood

Theranos patented blood way, qualified technicians to draw blood, can help people without needles, with your fingertips on a little take a drop of blood, the blood in the process of discomfort to a minimum. Don’t feel like being pierced, just been knocked at. This patent blood dose usually only one percent to one over one thousand, for those who are afraid of the blood is definitely a big news.

the company nearly 10 billion a year to do a test, 70% of the doctors to according to make medical decisions. Medicare and medicaid department every year for about $10 billion each for these test. More than blood wound is small, detection of blood analysis system is only a small part of the routine laboratory area, today only usually even one over ten of one percent. The future can be directly put the lab next to the hospital operating room, or the military helicopters, or ship, submarine, tent camps and even the African jungle.

this is only a drop of blood volume, in this tiny sample can be finished 30 blood test

green rather than blue mentor unexpectedly “kneel”

in the autumn of 2003, Elizabeth holmes (or a sophomore junior – Robertson, professor of chemical engineering office, a bottom to sit down, said: “let’s open a company.” Junior – Robertson in his 33 years of coaching career seen tens of thousands of students, although only know Elizabeth knew “she is different” more than a year, “she would from a unique perspective on complex technical problems, which in my experience.”

Robertson, ask: “why do you want to give up his studies?” She said: “because I want to establish such a medical system can completely change the current situation of health care. This is what I want to do. I don’t want to do to improve on some existing technologies, and want to invent a new technology, regardless of region, race, age or gender to benefit all people.”

he was that rocked the answer “I suddenly realized watched her eyes like looking at the eyes of Steve jobs or Bill Gates.” To 2013, Robertson has officially become Theranos employees.

interview record Q& A

Q: what made you establish Theranos at the age of 19?

A: my life the most afraid of things is A shot, so I want to use lifetime to change health care system. When you find the one you love sick, often too late to save, I want to reduce this kind of tragedy happened all over the world.

Q: how do you ensure the accuracy of a blood test?

A: 93% of the errors are caused by human operation, our testing of blood samples all by machine, manual. After blood collected into a box and let it cool. Then in the laboratory’s hands, we in the middle of the equipment is equipped with automatic device, without human intervention or operation can be completed.

Q: people get used to collect and check their health data?

A: when you understand why you want to do these tests, and understand what does the test results show, will feel these data is important. When you see your way of life really change your blood, you will be very excited. Type 2 diabetes, for example, if people early alert, can take steps to avoid illness. Through the test, you can begin to know yourself, know your body, to change eating habits, lifestyle changes, keep yourself healthy disease prevention.


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