Beauty, boil the winner is king, then how can I get?

a bulk heat, not O2O has come. Regiment campaign to the left for the king. Meituan finally back out of the body, and began to run, but did not see its deep pockets.

recently, I accidentally browse to an American commercial press releases, signings analysys think-tank report, said the group number of mobile App users to use and active of 50.4% more than other types of group purchase the App all active users. Although the report accuracy to discuss, but still attracts the author combing Meituan towards from the very beginning.

search for the group’s related news, these days found several points, one is a commercial wifi, one is a hotel group, the group’s website in the United States also found several points, one is a big street, is a website alliance.

commercial wifi, allegedly, market news Meituan internal project is developing commercial routers, but specific time has not released.

it is clear that Meituan hardware products for — rob entrance. Ambitious, group buying is just the tip of the iceberg, huge O2O market is Meituan look of the cake.

hotel group purchase this, do not underestimate the regiment, signings market access to information, the mass of the substation in open cities in China more than 200, the hotel group buying 2013 turnover reached 2 billion yuan, the cooperation hotel quantity nearly 10 m. “To three or four line market to do the layout and the accumulation of customers won the upper hand, from where to bring about” an anti-american war “can see the beauty of the hotel group business should not be ignored.

keep in mind, the Meituan hotel sector has been involved in the star hotel group purchase business, give priority to small and medium-sized hotel before plates, Meituan start and OTA for turf and add high frequency of local life scenes of group-buying itself demand, hotel user viscosity should be more plates.

I also noticed that the hour Meituan have involved in housing market, but there is no recommendation. But there is a bright spot is noteworthy, hotel companies have a new product — “hotel online”. Users can real-time view hotel rooms in PC surplus situation, and can be online in advance. It can be seen that the regiment launched online hotel reservation areas, began to face with OTA challenge.

but for now, volume is small. Traditional OTA to establish operations and services, and if need to catch up with, be running for a period of time.

the group home page “big street” plate, the author found no related introduction. But look from the website, it is a new plate, bold speculation, it is an attempt to Meituan commercialization, and brand cooperation, users, traffic. Make product marketing for businesses.

and Meituan website at the bottom of the league, it is not too rich, through its own league do flow entrance, size is too small. Perhaps Meituan listed, such as the plate will be attaches great importance to the operation.

Meituan exactly how many legs?

the regiment is changing, as this is the feeling, the biggest in group-buying entry at the beginning, doing O2O market up to now. This gradually full-fledged company, doing various attempts. Now several major products, the United States, the cat’s eye film, American hotel, and take-out. Combination of boxing, becoming a powerful local life service class market competitors. To be sure, the group started out of deals, local life is the direction of their turf. But the trillions of O2O who can win the market, will be a lucky dog “Meituan”?