Before Israel to open the company, let you don’t need to network security commissioner

by three former Israeli intelligence officials launched a network security company Hexadite surfaced today, and announced to raise seed capital of $2.5 million. The money from the vc institutions YL Ventures and one from the Israeli vc firms Israel Growth Partners, a partner, a former Microsoft vice President Moshe Lichtman.

Hexadite trying to real-time monitoring automation processing and crack network threats.

today’s network security in the CIO heart worth? In may this year, in the MIT Sloan CIO conference, we hear about the “Target” for the first time (shop name) as a verb. Cios have said they do not want to “Target,” said is actually don’t want to be like the end Target of large-scale network attack.

cios are obviously very worried about this kind of network attack and they also have a lot of reasons to worry about. But Hexadite tried to throw a simple detection and excluding man-made factors to determine the authenticity of the attack.

the company CEO Eran Barak said Hexadite has the unique ability to develop such products, because Hexadite is the army and the private sector and its predecessor operation background of network security. In fact, the company’s three founders had served in the Israeli intelligence corps, and is responsible for the network security.

big and small companies are suffering from cyber attacks. Most of the large group has a detection system, but generally by the company employees to judge against true or not. And here is the Hexadite work place: after detecting system of detecting the presence of attacks, by Hexadite, rather than the security staff, to determine whether the attack real, and dispel the real attack.

considering any threat may appear multiple times in a day network impact of firewall, even if the company has full-time specialist is responsible for follow up, the human will become more difficult to cope with so many attack situation, and not every company has a network security commissioner.

Hexadite has developed on the automation of the benchmark a able to handle such problems of products, and named it “automatic incident response plan” (AIRS). The scheme is designed based on the third party inspection system, to determine the authenticity of testing object and explode real attacks.

the problem have been proposed, and then the Hexadite when to begin. In fact, Hexadite claimed that if the Target company to there Hexadite involved in network security, Hexadite sure can detect lead to the problem with the impact of network and timely to break before any damage.

if Hexadite said is true, then the product will be to those in the last year under the Target to attack the shadow of light feeling particularly helpless cios to produce a lot of appeal. Target is not the only one, of course, this kind of situation facing the company. Just because of the large scope of the problem can’t a a generalist to Target such a close-up.

if this product really can work as described, it will be those tired cios of understanding friend. At present, Hexadite is working with several large enterprise customer data, but the company hopes to use the seed money on expand the scale of the company.

Source: TC