Beijing smog is too serious, don’t keep watching IBM decided to “help manage”

recently, IBM released “Green Horizon plan (Green Horizon), aims to help China to solve the problem of environment, energy better. Among them, IBM will pollution control cooperation in Beijing, with the support of new technology, accumulated for a long time in Beijing’s air pollution problems or is likely to improve.

as the Chinese capital, a global metropolis, Beijing inhabitants around about 21 million people, is one of the biggest cities in China. But tens of thousands of travel vehicles, pollution control defect of factories, by fossil fuel power generation power plant, as well as the surrounding city pollution, at the same time also let Beijing became one of the city with the worst air quality in China, its pollution has endangered.

IBM fear complex pollution in Beijing, said it would with the analysis of model precision, Beijing’s pollution problems. IBM says Dong Jin, director of the China research institute because of the precise positioning can improve space is big.

now, using the computer to predict, analyze the environmental pollution problem is not new. The Chinese government department, the U.S. embassy in Beijing has been released to residents for real-time pollution level. But IBM will further refine the plan, is expected to be 3 days in advance to predict Beijing’s air quality, and even pinpoint sources within the range block.

Dong Jin, IBM in weather forecast model research for 20 years, but need to adopt a new air quality forecast model, and take into consideration of the comprehensive pollution reasons of Beijing. Therefore, in addition to the Beijing municipal departments, IBM is also related to the academic experts and enterprise cooperation, and from the local air quality monitoring stations, the meteorological satellite, IBM’s own optical equipment, such as monitoring data to obtain the required information.

this project looks is not easy, but its effect is not small. IBM China dean Shen Xiaowei said that through the proofs to the success of Beijing’s pollution mode, IBM also will be able to put forward the corresponding solutions. Beijing municipal departments will also be better grasp when and where to cut pollution factories or strengthen the vehicle limit line. He also pointed out that IBM to provide not only forecasting tool, at the same time will also help to build a systemic solution.

“green horizon plan includes not only Beijing’s pollution problem, IBM is still in design management system for China power grid, is expected to be precise power output of wind power and solar energy, is expected to help turn it into a stable energy output.

of course, IBM’s “green horizon plan technology alone is not enough, also need to the industry as a whole to cooperate. Shen said, hope to have more partners to join into the program. , he says, “to build a stable ecosystem is very necessary. At the same time, the plan in the progress of the space also is very big, we need to more innovation.”