Bet on new social question and answer, easy to add letter “custom zhihu” label

hunting cloud network from various sources to learn, easy letter due to be officially launched soon is similar to the function of “question and answer community”. Its basic features are:

, on the basis of the guarantee of anonymity, easecredit between users can be used for random q&a;

formal, question and answer is “information flow” style, rather than the traditional q&a community (zhihu) form;

the answers, time is limited;

, the user can according to “age” and “categories” (campus, clothing, etc.), for example, two types of questions and answers.

at the moment we details about easecredit this function is still unknown.

media exposure of easecredit “ask” beta interface

when the micro letter acquaintances in the social field, and the continuation of tencent consistent “(to) package includes all the user needs, for other competitors do vertical social is the best way to hit back. Say a little bit more simple, is to need to find new breakthrough. The breakthrough point, at least to meet two basic requirements: first, must be market, user need. Secondly, it should be opponent didn’t do or do not good. easy to believe the upcoming “ask” function, is a “relatively small” mobile IM applications, a typical representative to “save”.

from the aspects of market demand, q&a community is very popular in the past two years. Perfect q&a process, often can make “strangers” to “acquaintances” transformation of social relations. If not translate into “acquaintances”, also can form similar to the “weibo” weak relationship between the chain. To this point we can see from the zhihu is very obvious. Who will be able to make the “on” on a particular question answer professionals, tend to be our concern. After that, users often without question “motivation” login zhihu, its purpose is to see those had been largely focused on dynamic professionals of the recent questions and answers.

in addition, by some touted as “omnipotent” WeChat, not involving the q&a community function. One problem is that people care more about when having found after “breakthrough” is giant plagiarism, will be replaced? Cloud network editing thought, hunting is there will be, but not much.

throughout the world at present, respectively, where a mobile IM applications, they can each have their own the most “impress users” bright spot. Exclusive to Japan, southeast Asia Line, rely on the exquisite stickers, games, and a leisurely separated small function; Has the world’s largest active users on WhatsApp (500 million), with the service is stable, simple and easy design; Even just “wake up” BBM, have their own unique magic weapon – security.

it seems, wants to survive and succeed in mobile IM war, the most important thing is to find a different from the opponent’s way out. Find a way out, of course, very not easy, needs of the market alone is not enough, must also be in combining with the characteristics of its own products, continuously perfect the function to the extreme.

“surprise” to “win”

there was no road, walk of person many, there is the way. We are also unable to determine the future success or failure of a newborn thing. Yi letter to add ask function is a unique path, but success can’t jump to assert. In hunting cloud network editor, however, jun, it seems, wants to make mobile IM the “social” question and answer, have the following questions need to think seriously about:

the first, we must straighten out answers and social ideas. Easily add q&a function basically, the purpose of the letter is to increase the “playability” easecredit, let users more long stay in our platform. This means that the early need to vigorously attract original easecredit users use q&a function. And later, must carry out “reverse” — let the q&a function to easecredit basic function “go back”. Thus, to form a “closed-loop” the process. A it is worth noting that the problem is, to promote questions and answers from both sides “absolute stranger” to the “weak” or even “strong social relations”.

second, just answer “prompt”, “information presentation” is not enough, we need to have customized “ask” in depth “zhihu” .

, limit (or tip) the problem of user content, not too long, not difficult to understand. this because easecredit as mobile IM fast, fragmented nature of the information transmission;

, to further perfect the present form of the problem. “information flow”, “limited time to answer” the present form is can to a certain extent, solve the problems of the original q&a community questioner passive waiting, but the rapid information change, can also cause problems of redundancy, is ignored. How to solve the problem of “the most extensive attention” and “the questioner to get the fastest answer” the contradiction between, appear particularly important. So, allow the user to set question respondents, seems to be an effective solution;

, mobile IM want do questions and answers is an important aspect of social recommendations. mobile IM users access to information psychology is to use the shortest possible time to obtain the most important information. A built-in IM application q&a function, also in accordance with this characteristic. If hope that users can simply completely in order to “solve problems” to login a IM applications, a purely is wishful thinking. “Ask” is the purpose of the original easecredit consolidation of user groups, in addition to attract users want to try. Therefore, can be implemented according to different user identity, be fond of accurate recommendations, is especially important. Only combining the user’s location, personal identity information, etc., for users to recommend the “can do”, “practical” problems, to arouse the enthusiasm of the participation of users;

, to do a good job of guiding quality problem. mobile IM users in the “question and answer” mostly with a strong “timely”, “situation”. This means that, compared with “Android can Wear success” this kind of problem, easecredit users will come up with more “I’m in hangzhou, a: what’s good here?” Etc and their environment is closely linked. In view of this, we can draw lessons from “zhihu daily” this form, the time to provide users with common representative problems. On the one hand, can attract users; Can also minimize problem, on the other hand, rapid change, the information redundancy problem.

absorb the merits of others and to comply with its own transformation, which paved the way for the success of the product

say so many, the final judgment also look at easecredit this q&a function after the official launch of the finished product. Can say, we have found on the direction of the “hard” – must break through oneself, make differentiation. After the problem is that this path is appropriate for themselves, and constantly improve the user experience.