Betrayal of the iPhone for Android? Called iMessage — won’t let you go easily

apple has admitted that IM application called iMessage — in the iOS system, is designed. The original iPhone users in the transition to the other system equipment, there will be a message delay and does not even part of the text messages. Although apple has been trying to fix a BUG, but did not provide the solution of the specific time limit.

this BUG while privacy and security not too big relations, but is not a little trouble. Our popular words to explain the cause of the problem. When an iPhone users to switch to other system equipment, such as Android, apple’s cloud server will default to the same number of Android mobile phone, considered to be the iPhone. In this way, when users use new Android mobile phone to send and receive messages, this information will be “trapped” in apple’s server.

reports pointed out that this problem since the beginning of called iMessage — along with iOS 5 release, there has been so far. But until recently a woman apple iPhone users to court “violates the give up the original users of the iPhone wireless communication ability”, to cause the extensive attention of the media and industry.

although there are some solutions already on the network, but these ways are not too strange is too complex.

so far, apple announced that it would launch software upgrade, in order to solve “called iMessage — in the back-end server related BUG”. Let a person feel surprise, for such a “major mistake”, the smart apple years unconsciously. Of course, can also be “and not to”.