Between local tyrants haier for example tells us: originally the smart home can

on May 27, hunting cloud network

the Olympic Games of Beijing office, also makes the expo Shanghai to dry, Qingdao this year and let everybody eye – so this is Shanghai has a long called the park! Say clearly is “the world horticultural exposition”, hence careful meticulous, love flowers grass of Qingdao people without hesitation gave his scalp, and built a international tourism park, by the way, it is kill two birds with one stone really.

of course, as the hometown of China’s leading home appliance, how can you get home appliance local tyrants less figure? Is a “the park” name, our local tyrants haier is still in the mountain, big bonus aqua green garden, planted in a handsome to the wisdom of “haier intelligent life house” household example room. Listen, itching, and a bumpkin become more like old zhai again after careful look, then spare a cavity unforgettable you…

screen saver demand is one of the largest playability, intelligent household the requirement of people actually very low

long-term focus on cloud network hunting, hunting or seen you old zhai classmates, should know how to treat the attitude of smart home has not been old zhai actively.

Old zhai’s point of view is:

smart home is still in the stage of basic establishment and integration technology and the standard, form a subversive ecology is very far away, in such a primitive stage, it is difficult to form a good user experience, unable to retain users.

but after a trip to the local tyrants example room, old zhai viewpoint changed: although intelligence lives in technology, standards, ecological for a long time not mature, but still can have good experience in the original stage, enough to retain users.

for the hair?

because people have a screen saver demand. “Screen saver demand” namely people seem crazy hazelnut, will light up, unlock your mobile phone, look at the screen saver, desktop, pull both look at the status bar, and then the lock screen.

this series of actions in the present, has become the human conditioning! People every day screen saver demand far exceeds the playing games, listening to music and so on a series of practical function together.

a lot of people even get a smart phone, simply don’t have to, what bells and whistles of beautiful is the screen saver desktop up points, some open to see see. “I’m not to, I just feel.”

food not screen saver background, behind is really food

a person is really a boring animals, need to have the a thing bored at hand grasp a touch to loneliness. It’s like cats and dogs in idle hazelnut practice skill, sharpen claws molar for more heroic in “fight”.

although humans have already no longer faces the wild, but the primitive animal instincts seem to never fade. Ha ha.

at the scene experience, haier added many unique for your smart home screen and screen saver, for example: the transparent color for refrigerator, projection screen for smart table, and the magic mirror, somatosensory interaction and so on. These not only plenty of unique screensaver, and from the hardware level are wrapped with the quality of psychological pleasure.

table can do physique monitoring, dietary recommendations, food analysis, share, friends. Than thought in the works.

so smart home has now is that can be used, but the price…

smart home convenience generated content, has obvious social effect

furniture as a basic tool product, can make the content is not much, actually also is difficult to form the spread of the geometric level. But for such a relatively small, about their daily interest community, this content is enough in their own circles brewing fermentation.

and add the function of smart home, on the one hand, it is easier to produce and share content, on the other hand is more accurate to a community together, make more valuable content.

smart the fitting function though is not accurate, the practical value is not high, but it is good entertainment.

although not social tools like qq community interaction function diversity, involved the content of the comprehensive, make its produce powerful value-added profit space. But different community has provided people with unique content experience, has the good stickiness.

Is still on the local tyrants

in particular, the level of intelligent household products, brought about by the social value is more obvious. Docking micro letter such as haier group of community social function, circle of friends, triggered by comparison, to show off, entertainment effect, there are a large number of potential customers to pay for it.

smart home should accomplish the second step is to let users get to content, fast zero burden in the fine content. Haier has now in their smart home to join a range of information related to diet, and did have to quickly share mechanism. Live demonstration has indeed can provide good experience, but what database to a degree, not clear.

at the current product configuration, commercial, intelligent household can indeed bring users when can good user experience but smart home from this screen saver demand, further evolution of simple operation, unique interactive can bring infinite surprise for the people of great ecological, then benefit the public, still need to wait slowly.