Beware of “backyard fire”, Twitter acquisitions Gnip social data suppliers

Apple just months ago will social data vendors Topsy include, Twitter at the moment, followed the Gnip. Gnip is the boulder, a start-up company, main business is social data supplies, with a fortune of $6.64 million in financing, has about 85 employees. Gnip reportedly entered the stage of the profit, and Twitter, the offer is definitely for Gnip SIRS shareholder brings good returns.

watch the competition, of Gnip

data resell one of Twitter’s business around, but these data to advertisers and brands but valuable. At the same time, these social data also has a significance on Twitter itself.

the Twitter data and process analysis, it can get resell company is not much. One of the authorized cooperation Gnip is Twitter data provider. In addition, a $7.17 million venture financing Datasift, Japanese company NTT Data, and at the end of last year was $200 million deal to buy Apple Topsy.

Apple apparently of Topsy let Twitter have vigilance. Resale business even if the data are not important to Twitter, have so a partners is the “apple origin”, will also become a Twitter heart infarction with thorns. The Twitter accepted Gnip somewhat prevention in the meaning of. If these cooperation supplier of data into the arms of rivals, Twitter will have to create a subsidiary to be responsible for the data supply is quite competitive, this is obviously not enough reality.

after Gnip had a partnership with Twitter. Since it was founded in 2008, Gnip has been to the Twitter data supplies as a bright spot. Especially in the Twitter appear overload failure, become enterprise obtain the Twitter data optimization.

after the completion of the acquisition, cooperation will surely further Gnip and Twitter. Gnip is expected to obtain more Twitter data related to the data. The original four authorization data supplier relationship will also change.

ecosystem developmental weakening

have to say that have acquired or will let social data ecosystem began to show a closed posture, Gnip in addition to the cooperation with Twitter, originally also and bursts, WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, sets, Foursquare relationship and other social networking platform. Although Gnip own plan remains the same, but the social platform probably because Gnip “Twitter” attribute and stop further cooperation.

at the same time, now that Twitter had their own data provider, its relationship with the Datasift, Topsy also or will gradually alienated. Once the acquisition case, Topsy is likely to stop buying Twitter data, after all, in its long-term strategy, Twitter is not the kind of cooperation. Datasift congratulations post, said the acquisition of landmark but also reiterated, emphasize the characteristic of itself as an independent data provider.

the Twitter and Gnip speech are confined to the current deal, did not comment further.