Big companies VC process accelerate “into” rob entrepreneurs

hunting cloud network editor when talking to a VC, chatting to the big companies to the evolution of the VC process faster and faster, the professional VC in addition to worry and peer competition, but also worry about big companies stretched out his hand to grab your job.

recently, there have been two news has attracted the attention of hunting cloud network editor jun. A is baidu 91 internal begun large-scale collection entrepreneurial projects, an abnormal is 360 overseas investment “rogue”.

and see it first.

baidu has grown from 91 in May this year to start the “internal creative incubation mechanism”, and a total of 100000 yuan of bonus to support good business project. So far, the company has collected 108 creative application, and outstanding in these projects, will be baidu 91 late incubation of key projects.

these independence could venture entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship in the germination appears, has been blocked by baidu, 91, in the most original stage of entrepreneurial projects, large companies have to start work.

the message from the Wall Street journal, in turn, has called 360 nine months ago has established a venture capital firm in silicon valley, recognition of the company has invested in eyeball EyeVerify and r&d big data, intelligent hardware, home security four companies in the field of application.

360 investment of domestic enterprises have not news, therefore, in 2010, sequoia China partner shen chuan thor, highland capital partners, 360, chairman of the board of directors of the company profile launched an investment plan, “plan” for free software. The program plans to invest 1 billion yuan in the next several years, through investment, hatch, cooperation, and purchase, to help small and medium-sized companies and individuals in the field of free software authors achieve career took off. But the meaning is that 360 has taken the investment into the ocean.

the BAT in the layout of the overseas investment, especially generous, merely a tencent, tencent President liu chiping said last year, tencent’s investment abroad has more than $2 billion.

big companies is more and more like a VC, this leads to what kind of industry?

must first clear, big companies VC is not a fresh thing, BAT the levels of the company have already set up a special department of investment, or other external forces into force union joint investment fund. Reasons behind are nothing more than some. One is a large, the company has very abundant cash flow, this also let them more rigid. Second, big companies can through the investment of short start-up quickly replenish acquisition board, to shorten the time of follow-up window. Three is that for some future good business project, do some defensive investment.

tencent, baidu ali dazzling investment in recent years has been inundated with letting a person, another trend is visible, in addition to the BAT, other Internet companies have also accelerated the VC process, in addition to the already one step ahead of 360, behind also follow UC and so on a series of little tiger.

VC advantage is big company do? Big companies poor only money, no, he still has a lot of resources. Don’t like some VC fool entrepreneurs hand how many resources and large firms in real grasp of the user and the flow of resources. , of course, you can say, the user and flow is not everything, but we can do nothing left the flow and resources. This is also an important weight of big companies attract entrepreneurs.

to join the big companies, as CEO, win Bai Fu beauty, to the life. Indeed, the industry does not lack after startup is big company investment, take off the case, such as, golden hill network (now called cheetah move), no tencent resources import, jinshan sad death.

is the advantage of big companies there is a natural, began to discover, to carry out a large number of internal start-ups. Advantage of month, rather than made, why not go home to do it? Hunting cloud network editor you can see the phenomenon is, VC constantly advised some big companies elite out of business, and then they invest. If the big company internal encourage entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in a familiar environment, is it not a good choice. Big companies perfect innovation service, does not lose in the professional VC.

of course, a startup company to accept the company’s investment, may have a lot of restrictions, but sometimes independence (sometimes also face team troubles), etc., but this would require the interested entrepreneurs to their evaluation.

hunting cloud network editing your colleague JACK mentioned previously published articles, VC industry in addition to the internal competition, will be subject to similar stake in the emerging of raising the strong shock of new things. Equity raise not only make the investors more expanded, also greatly weakened the role of investors to invest in the entire chain. Investors face, and some project to the equity transfer, the raise website and they can eat in the more limited project.

now, big company of VC action is more and more fierce, the professional VC to enhance competitiveness, do a good job in service is more important! But, then again, VC projects for big companies to when flange, is also a good idea.