Big Internet thinking: “no brain fans and fans of the economy

a salon, someone says exo fans is the one of the most active microblogging, a simple word can be forwarded dozens of millions, of course, no quality, are “no brain fans”. I have no concept of the word, when hearing this, I’ve been thinking about is the concept of “no brain fans”, what kind of fan is “fans” no brain? Its behavior can represent? “No brain fans” with iron powder and what is the difference?


thought for a long time, while “no brain fans” contempt by many people, but for the current Internet thinking 热谈 fans economy, really didn’t have what distinction, even “no brain fans” utility bigger than the iron powder, this from some people can be summed up in the black exo events. Viagra thinks, in terms of fans, is “no brain fan” is not important, important is in the nature of the fans know the fans, the more valuable for the spread of the brand and product.

judging from fans on the nature of true and false fan

first of all should make sure that fans this concept, that is, what is fan. Consumers are fans? Certainly not all, because consumers can say your brand or product is good, also can say that your product is bad, consumers are in the category of fans, but also can at any time with your product, these people are generally at the time of product price and benefit from side to side. Eliminate swing this part of the consumer, the rest of the identity brand concept and the concept of product and to continue spending can be called a true fan. Can not support product fans are not true fans, on the other hand, can contain your products of various defects and continuous use of consumers is the true fans.

this point, apple and millet brand fans are obvious, no matter how the outside world for the brand, the fan is willing to pay for its products, this is the real meaning of fans. Deer Lu Han weibo M M this name can be seen as a brand, also can be seen as a product, fans are concise one thousand jins are powder, no reason not to pay for the Lu Han, everything is no reason not to pay attention to Lu Han movements.

how to understand the so-called “fans” no brain?

about the so-called “mindless” fans, the term should be how to parse? The term probably associated with forward and comment on the content of the fans, the motives of this kind of behavior is positive forward first, and even blindly forward, to express support for the brand or product and support. This might be a little the feeling of water army, is different from water army, army is 1 cent party more, and the spontaneous spreading of fans, you just need to say hello, and the rest is often tens of millions of forward and comments, such as “no brain fans” which enterprises and brands don’t like?

viagra is more willing to believe “no brain fans” this title is of a color “envy jealousy hate”, to some extent “mindless fans” as the driving force of promoting the dissemination of brand, it is the so-called “no brain fans” to drive the transmission efficiency and makes communication much easier. Fans, of course, also don’t say “no brains” unknown consciousness make track for a star, in fact, everyone has the right to make track for a star of consciousness, there is always some industry bosses, political talent and the subtle influence of entertainment stars, your knowledge on behavior is characterized by meet these people would like to play chicken blood, rushed to take picture with stars, can talk a few words will feel more whole life sublimation. Extend again, at this point you may well be some kind of hobby even addiction “mindless” fans, drugs, gambling, sex addiction is this truth.

may be someone will ask, viagra, millet have no brain “fans”? Unlike Lu Han, millet, millet is not brand, although millet fans not to mention “no brains” the word, don’t forget to millet senior fans is directly involved in product design, this is the brillant part, in the sense of belonging and under the synergy of engagement, makes the brand value and product ideas into the fans inside, this is can’t use a simple “no brain fans” to describe, or you can use the word “brainwash” expression.

thumb up man is brain damage?

according to the observation of viagra, comments and forwarding content is identified one of the standard of “no brain fans”, for the tens of thousands of accounts at the same time with a forward and comment on the behavior of the tone and content, this is quite common in the era of social network, this has to do with weibo, the god of the right, WeChat thumb up and head to express the mood. Social products are developing more such function is to satisfy the user’s experience, can be busy or not convenient type of simple and quick to send their own thoughts, to express identity, against and support for things or saying, so these functions is the demands of users. Speaking of which, viagra, want to ask is, the thumb up or use – _ – people, is not a brain damage?

have to say is that sometimes some behavior of the fans, unknown really can let a person feel complete. Machine consisting of a huge fan of exo has developed into the pr backup, online have any positive or negative information can get the response of the machine in the first time, and then organized shelling or fulsome. A fan will see content @ a lot of fans, with the aid of the fission effect of weibo, fans of a powerful lineup of taste or continuously forward, in addition to gas is a kind of potential, and the effect of “gossip”, do not believe if you can have a try, but don’t say it’s viagra let you try.

fans economic and social effect

what fans is the economy? This is a cliche topic, viagra here don’t give a definition of the word, for example it is easier to understand. For example, until now there’s talk of Mr Ma said, “god” why god? In addition to prestige, make the process of god itself needs to be faithful to cooperate to complete, the believers of god that is now of fans, so want to make to create a religion or a religion, first of all to have enough fans. Now companies have corporate culture, many enterprises are also published a so-called “brainwashing”, which is nothing but change the new into the staff as enterprise’s fans, to upgrade to the loyal iron powder can be used for the enterprise.

the fans economy, more people will be understood as a social effect, because the human itself is a social creature, as long as people congregate there will be a community. Community have points of size, the same is every community has a leader, leading to more organizers or sponsors, through certain beliefs or common goal to gather the crowd, leader’s comments and ideas will gradually affect the masses, people finally become a fan, fan upgraded to a loyal fans, for community use. From organization, based on some kind of hobby to the activities of the organization, even to the society, religion and the party organization, notting have is not such a concept, the difference is whether perfect prescribed by the organization. Positive community can promote social progress, such as all kinds of charity; To promote community of negative thoughts will trample upon the ideas of health consciousness, the social various cults and organization are examples of such community against humanity.

on the basis of community, economy as guidance, with products as the center, the community will become the best consumer channels. Such communities the economy is not born, the day after tomorrow, therefore, from the ancient human “barter” start with economic consciousness, in the contemporary of fans discussed has evolved into the public economy, network economy. The society as a whole is made up of community, which can also explain why from a product to the stars are so attaches great importance to the fan, fan effect is one of the important route of transmission, brands and effect, of course, more important is that it can self-marketing fans of the economy.

the friend say, millet 4 conference please are from the media, the media naturally also depend on the spread of fans, viagra believe these since the media colleagues there are a lot of headway in the fan fan “, a “double if transmitted data, estimates that it is despised by people who are” no brain “fans continue to share your article.

therefore, others say also said, especially since the media, media or point mouth, take what to mention “no brain fans”.

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