Big three Office software cross ratio: Office will be need?

Word, Excel and PowerPoint are being replaced by the many similar software of Google and Apple. Luckily, Microsoft’s subscription service outshine others, has brought many benefits to users. We all buy, install, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office software for many years, it is time to stop this kind of behavior. Individual skill, the Wall Street journal columnist Joanna Stern studying lots of Microsoft Office wrote this article after the similar software.

I can recall about spending time in those years with Microsoft Office. , after all, Word, Excel and PowerPoint these office software from my middle school writing about California’s report has been with me. It can be seen everywhere, it hide in I took pains to write about my mother’s college application essay, when I was in journalism, the hundreds of thousands of articles and the presentation.

I was a fan of Microsoft Office, and every few years will spend a sum of money to upgrade it. But one day I suddenly found that I actually use it more often competing software, mostly in the form of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides TAB, and Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Although I’m used to in the Microsoft Word to write my weekly column, but I’ll paste to Google Docs for editing process.

the use of Microsoft Office 1.1 billion people, most of them there is no option. They must use Excel, and PowerPoint, because their IT department to ask them to do so. But if you only just bought a new computer, or want to upgrade your business software, then you have to think about a most difficult technology problem in the world: I’m really, really need to buy Microsoft Office?

it’s not hard to find, all Office software features of the elements can be discovered in other Microsoft Office software of its kind, for example, they can be opened and then be edited. What’s more, in comparison, the same software functions and can provide better network on-line cooperation platform. But to be fair, Office 365 subscription service was brought many benefits to the user, because it costs more reasonable and transparent. Now, let’s take a look at Microsoft Office 365 and its two similar software overhead.

Office chest – Microsoft Office

those who buy the original copy of office software in a box, days are gone. As Adobe and Salesforce, Microsoft has accepted the subscription model, in order to let the user can in a longer time can pay a little money by stages, and for a long time, so the user can through the Internet constantly update their products.

formal because of this, you only need a spreadsheet to analyze Office 365 pricing. A month to pay the cost of 7 knife, you can in a computer, a device and other mobile devices to install Microsoft Office. In payment of $10 a month, you can use it on 5 computers (and a student can use the four years of special edition, only need $80). But your money is not just bought these Office software: Microsoft will provide each with Office 365 account user a high level of TB OneDrive cloud storage space. So the fact that you spend money, not only can get up to 5 TB online cloud storage space, as well as access to all the office software.

in addition, Microsoft is still the gold standard of business software productivity. Compared with Google and Apple software, Microsoft has the most powerful product line, from the Excel macro into Word and email the merger of the technology, the extent of products involved is unmatched by other similar software. When I am in the office, therefore, in particular, want to use a function of the software, I can find it at once, this is the place where Microsoft most comforting. Unfortunately, I can use to program less than one-third of the total Microsoft. This is I recently when testing limited free online version of the Microsoft came across, you probably don’t even know the existence of this version up to now.

once you have registered a Microsoft account, you can create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can even get up to 15 gb of free online storage space.

the web version of Microsoft Office functions are missing, such as you cannot create a text box in the Word, also can’t create 3 d icon in the Excel. But also some people think that these web pages in the online version of the classic function save the document and cooperation with colleagues both can let people use more handy.

when I use Windows 8.1 and at the same time to the a Word 2013 colleagues to share this column, I if not to close and reopen the document, I can’t see any of his editorial footnote. But when I use the online Word, I can see the trace of his hard work, it will immediately remove my all to make fun of his ideas.

cooperative engagement is necessary – Google Docs

Google doesn’t like Microsoft or Apple provides a desktop version of the document, form and slides of office software. However, Google everything is dependent on the browser. Even if you just want to open a document, you must also upload it first. The upload documents and will immediately be saved to your Google Drive cloud storage space within the account.

Google repeatedly said, they will not be “in order to deliver the right ads will check the user’s file content”. But Google does scans the user’s file, of course it is in order to avoid the virus invasion, the second is to facilitate quick retrieval.

similar to Microsoft, Google will be provided to registered users 15 GB free cloud storage space. But unlike Microsoft, user can spend expansion of storage, the price is $10 per TB per month.

the most important point: can you open even exported compatible with Office documents. As long as the file is not built-in, third-party plug-ins can fill those gaps. For example, I also found a indexing dictionary and a mail merge plug-in. If for Google to deal with, it is impossible to complete all of the format set alone and templates, demonstrated the excellence of this Office. Combined with Google gray background and black interface is easy to produce fatigue.

but Google did very good in terms of synergy. In addition, it through the web or free Android and iOS application allows users on any device can simply edit the document quickly and it is also worthy of praise. Google is its proud, which is based on the interaction of cloud computing. Said bluntly, is the user to share with their colleagues, the document after a few seconds, can see his colleagues edited and comments. Google also has the function of the instant communication, the user can directly to discuss things with your colleagues, also need not staring at page with words.

offline part for Google’s Achilles’ heel. You can use the Google Chrome browser creates an offline channel, don’t even need to connect to the Internet to create a new document, but there are many needs editing tools cannot be used to connect to the Internet. In addition, you also must distinguish good priorities in advance, and then put more important documents in your offline 5 gb of cache.

think that year, I am very fond of LibreOffice. This is a free open source business suite. Although it in design with Microsoft, Google and Apple, but it and other software are closely linked. It has a built-in plug-ins, can even save your documents directly to Google Drive within the cloud.

fool simple office suite – apple iWork

Apple iWork is today I will introduce the third largest office suite. It is used on Macs and iPads completely free of charge. Up to also have a web page version, and anyone with a Apple account can use it. But don’t be fooled, this version is still in testing, function is not perfect.

Pages, Numbers and Keynote is enough to make you shine at the moment when he edit a document, but the web version of iWork and desktop edition is most allow the user to save worry. In edit report, the project such as a resume, I really recommend Apple template, it is better than Microsoft.

although the web version of the Work in the download are some lag, the text and some important function cannot be used, but its online collaborative function is extremely good, even a man without up account also can import the Shared documents. But Google’s comments and real-time or slightly better.

the Apple is also make up for the lack of cloud storage. It is said that a new type of cloud storage software will be released this fall up to Drive will be supported by Windows and competitive pricing.

so, should we give up or continue to use the Office?

buy Office 365 as they do from Home Depot (American furniture chain) buy a full kit. You will get far more than you imagine the wrench, gear, screwdriver and the pliers, but then again, how many do you use?

from this perspective, Google, Apple and Microsoft to provide free software is already enough you use, you spend money just bought a cloud storage space. This as Office 365 said: you (and your spouse, your children, or even your mother) just got 1 TB online storage space, also got all the additional Office software. Only buy Office 365 users have this privilege, because if you use Google, buy 1 TB space cost is similar to this.

as for me, I now can only be used interchangeably Google and Microsoft. If cloud storage for everyone, of course, of free that day arrives, Microsoft and how to make its high price is reasonable? I firmly believe that the day is coming, let’s wait and see.