“Bind” industrial chain, payment security ecosystem value

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“short board” theory has been familiar, buckets of how much water does not depend on its longest plate, but depends on the shortest plate. This theory is more and more suitable for the payments.

the reason is that with the outbreak of the mobile Internet, and the development of the Internet financial, more and more users will own some sites account bound with bank card. And online payment to the rising number of main body, increasingly complex trading scene, a link any leakage of information disclosure and risk, are likely to produce “bind” significant harm.

this means that the impact of the company may be more than one, and may be more. Listen to a little alarmist, but similar poison has gradually. For example, a user with email registered alipay account, log in to other sites also use the same email and password. This means that the user on a visit to a web site and information leakage happened, its alipay account existing security threats. Not only that, under the current technology development, hackers can also do all of the email account and associated password.

“others short plate may be short board” pay treasure, small micro finance chief risk officer xiao-feng hu concluded. Although alipay has gone on safety in the industry leading level, but together with partners and industry enterprise comprehensive prevention, make up the “short board” to ensure that will not be affected, because in front of the security is not the responsibility of a company.

based on the above reasons, pay treasure to officially launched today payment security ecosystem construction plan, related to the ministry of public security, security industry base, security vendors, hardware vendors, online merchants, etc. Among them, pay treasure to accumulated 10 years of risk control system will be fully open output, to promote effective within the ecosystem safety data and technical sharing, thus creating the user from the cloud to the entire network defense.

the core of the program are to make based on the safety of the large data cloud, promote free linkage of each section of security. In the process, data from different institutions and technology sharing, such as A single user at different account in different sites will be intelligently, when A web site and user login, enter the key links such as pay, A web site can be initiated to cloud security risk consulting, security and user behavior on the evaluation, will give the corresponding safety recommendations. After a few years, pay treasure to successively with Banks, Microsoft, and browser vendors such as defense, reduce the incidence of cases related to 8 to 9.

in the ecosystem construction plan launched by The Times, pay treasure to output will be the first to own a full set of payment security technology, including the system security defense, identification, risk assessment and risk control decision-making, etc., help partners quickly improve risk prevention capacity, to make payment risk probability of 1/10, and hope to become the industry standard.

at the same time, in order to absorb more small and medium-sized security vendors to build safe cloud, pay treasure will jointly build security funds in many ways, the first investment of 40 million yuan. Among them, on the first day of start, pay treasure to guosen Ann base together with Shanghai security laboratory, the first announced the formation of 10 million security innovation fund, will, application of information security, identity verification, credit system, anti cheat in areas such as project financing.