Blackberry shipments will be less than 10 million this year, the CEO can not sure whether the blackberry again brilliant

the blackberry CEO John Chen (John Chen) have been trying to revive the company, but he said not sure can make the blackberry to go back to the past glory.

“I was pleased with the company’s current situation. How do we manage technology, business, profit margins, distribution channels and new products, these areas have been gradually clear.” John Chen in an interview with bloomberg Emily Chang said in an interview. “But whether blackberry splendidly again, now I can not give the exact answer.”

blackberry users had called his mobile phone CrackBerrys, because they are obsessed with the blackberry. But apple iPhone a new generation of products was brutally poached its vast consumers. This year, according to a forecast of the IDC in May, the blackberry smartphone shipments are expected to be the global fell by almost half, only 9.7 million units.

Chen Shouzong said, at present has not yet received the purchase blackberry’s agreement. He said in an interview: “I now have not received any offer. May be someone want to talk about this matter, but talk about these things does not represent an offer.”

in fact, mobile phones and mobile software service providers are actively seeking solutions, reverse its poor business. Cheng said he has a 80% success rate.

since last November to take over the company blackberry, John Chen through some reverse strategy and win the support of investors, these strategies include cost reduction, sales company in Canada, many houses, using the enterprise service and BBM instant-messaging service to generate revenues, etc., in order to make up for the mobile phone sales falling dilemma.

the revival of the blackberry may be affected by apple and IBM cooperation agreement. Cheng is an important part of the reform of the moribund smartphone sales to business-oriented software services, which can produce greater profit space.

as of July 15, the blackberry services of the enterprise market grew by 52%, but then because of apple and IBM announced cooperation, blackberry’s share price fell 12%.

to cut costs and saving measures such as asset sales and cash to help speed up the transformation of John Chen. The company still plan before the end of the fiscal year to cash flow balance of payments. John Chen also hope that in this fiscal year ending March 2016 to return to the state of profitability.