BoardRounds let hospital closely observe patients received

(compile: zhu ning)

“BoardRounds hospital and received emergency treatment of patients maintain a close contact, it is the health care industry Google Now.” Co-founder and CEO Benjamin said Jack.

Jack has medical background – his latest medical degree from Cornell university. He said in the mail, normally, patients from the emergency room after will get a phone number to arrange their follow-up care, but “most patients don’t make a phone call, can’t get what they need to care, when they became seriously ill, they returned to the emergency room to take up the hospital and health care resources.”

so BoardRounds with Google Now what are the similarities? Jack points out that when hospitals and doctors use BoardRounds, it will automatically follow up follow-up care, to provide “advice” in time for the patient. Its subsequent treatment site and arrange booking of transportation, it also deal with family care.

Jack said that the company combine automation with the treatment. It also provides analysis, for example, told the doctor how many patients do follow-up care. It makes health care workers through follow-up care for patients – for example, it has with the Atlantic Dialysis cooperation.

now, the company announced that accept the first invested by college students dormitory fund support. (which usually provide $20000 in capital and guidance for a startup.) Other investors and Greg Pass, Twitter’s first chief technology officer and Cornell Tech current business director, as well as the general manager of Gotham Thatcher Bell.