Bong, intelligent hand ring, if not, then does not have the future

write hardware, writing or some uneasy. Bong intelligent bracelet is reported the first hardware products. avoid unprofessional and soft, won’t do too much of product below beautification .

twice delayed, a jump ticket, shell technology do intelligent bracelet bong all the way to stumble out of the second generation of . Browse below by user poking fun at the disadvantage of a little, hardware hair SAO two sentences may be able to show that problem.

almost perfect experience of hardware and software bug (before AnZhuoDuan concentrated in two months ago, has been updated to the new data is more accurate, also more professional experience), more than entertainment, professional under, sincerity make . Browse bong assessment you will find the these friends send SAO is praise for the product and scold . Such a mood, also prove indirectly, bong in their eyes is a good product, just need time to grind the .

in bong founder Gu Dayu eyes, his understanding of intelligent bracelet is to “feeling” that complex operation, or did not reach extreme simple, are abandoned by history, the core of viscosity is feeling, and dazzling too dominant .

how to understand what he said, bracelet ideal: wear comfortable to do not have a feeling, is very light, very small, long life, whether swimming pick what all don’t need a bath. Accurate records, don’t let the user action, the simple to the extreme and the right time remind .

maybe it will be like a table, become a indispensable, picked will take back again. The span all need to do the bracelet market entrepreneurs to work together. Because, habits and cognitive hard to develop user .

As a

bong to automatic identification of active intelligent hand ring, in addition to be friends send SAO poking fun at faults, he also has a lot of advantages is worth praising. The biggest bright spot in, in terms of basic data record, bong has a fully automatic algorithm, which is both movement and you go to bed, you don’t have to manually switch . For a lazy person, this is too perfect.

what is the aim of bracelet, is to let the user cannot leave , bong team thinks, if the bracelet is only one way of providing data, users will soon lose interest in the future. bong is currently open platform construction, hope developers for the bong to provide more rich plug-in application .

the application in bong or main theme on sports and health, they will open a variety of data interface for developers, there are a few applications online , like trying to sleep aides, motion data, chrono hit egg, have fun . The online application, go to your side (long distance lover, through sports together) bong dragon (pet a games, the daily movement raised the pet) in the future there will be Shared and shrimp commend the movement of the song, and thin weight loss cooperative applications, and cool cooperation movement vertical service .

for this open platform, at present the bong team said that they don’t make the rules, because this is still in groping, but what is certain is that open platform will be in the future, want to rely on dry stick to user data, no future .

remove Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone. Let’s look back at the domestic market of intelligent bracelet, can be summarized: introduction to the industry is not high, but it’s hard to want to do . Listed under the current domestic team to do the market, plump hand ring, running hand ring, GYENNO One, move smart hand ring, memory time ring, yummy ubunta, only move smart bracelet, etc.

in addition to large companies are mostly defensive stance to enter the market, a short period of time, bracelet has market competition ChengGongHai, not including the shanzhai makers to enter . Can be conclude that in the future, the bracelet will die in the field of the characteristics of a large no startup . The bracelet in the media circle is very hot, but for now, to play the bracelet, as if also limited to science and technology circle and circle of hardware. really affect the ordinary consumers, the market of education cost is high .

the market finally killed out there will be three companies, a design to win, win a reputation, win a marketing. leaves a question: the bracelet, wear what is in order to quantify the life data, or the lazy people like me are purely to pack to force? you can consider.

Based information

company: hangzhou shell technology co., LTD.



time: in September 2013,

location: zhejiang and hangzhou

stages: initial

areas: wearable hardware, exercise to lose weight, hardware, alibaba is

abstract: Bong is a software and hardware combined with a wearable device service health bracelets brand, can through the built-in sensors to record your entire day, such as movement, sleep, etc. Shell technology co., LTD. Hangzhou’s products.

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