Bracelet watch measure of health, people began to ponder on the idea of glass

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most emerging intelligent devices are related to health, a bracelet watch step gauge and sleep, some will also bring a meal, but feasibility is very poor, because it’s hard to describe how much did you eat this meal of meat and vegetables.

in dietary respect, in addition to eat what, another important source of food is to drink what, so some hardware such entrepreneurial ideas, from the bowls to obtain, keep track of your diet. Last year, the domestic team to do a project, is a statistical amount of water a day do you, apparently this is some primary. See the overseas recently called Vessyl cup projects can record what you drank, hydrate and record the intake, is a good starting point.

this smart cup project by Yves Behar, partners including creative equipment maker Mark at the same time One and Fuseproject. The characteristics of its products is not only able to identify what you drink, is from which brand of cola, whether to drink alcohol. Can know at the same time, the content of some of the key materials, such as sugar, caffeine, protein, sodium, fat and calories.

at the same time, also to your daily intake of statistics. This will help you achieve a healthy intake every day.

the cup containing the corresponding sensors, also planted a display in the side, at the same time there is a scheduled intake scale. If you want to know more information, such as the previously mentioned categories intake of the project, you can check in the corresponding mobile phone App. Low-power Vessyl cup through bluetooth connected to mobile devices.

product App do more distinctive, the intake of both curves show that every year, also will pass the round ball pattern according to a single project daily intake, at the same time there is a circular outer ring, to show your target.

this will eventually in 2015 years ago to market a product, the current price is $99, the final price of $199; As a cup, not cheap, but as to abandon his hand ring product homogeneity serious health tracking products, creative value the price